April 6, 2013

Drink up! The Amagoose

You know when you really want a drink but you: 
-Have no more juice left
-Have no ice that is ready
-Only have a bunch of random bottles of alcohol left, including about a huge bottle of Grey Goose with only about 1/3 of a cup left :(
Yeah. That was what I was working with. So I made up something pretty good using whatever was left. I'm not tooting my own horn here, Patricia loved it also! And I'm also slightly tipsy as I am writing this article so yeah, I think this drink worked. Let's find a name for it after I write the details...Deal?

You will need:

SUWU restaurant opening: Feel the vibe

Just when I though my Wednesday night couldn't get any more basic, the opening of the SUWU restaurant on St-Laurent spiced up my evening. Its great wooden chalet atmosphere with an old school hiphop vibe didn't only catch my attention, it will definitely have me coming back. I actually forgot I was in Montreal for a couple of hours. The comfort soul food reminded me of California. 
SUWU remodeled, remixed and made a major upgrade from the old Cafeteria. 

Understand the vibe as you read the article: Listen to & download the SUWU mixtape vol.1 for FREE Here

Read more to see more pics and details

***Look out for their mac and cheese grilled cheese!***

Cocktails such as Wu Tang were served. (Wu Tang: Sake, vodka, litchi, grapes and lime)

                                   The cocktail list also had some very interesting names 

Their classic beef tartar with dijon mayonnaise, beets and marinated onions was simply amazing. I loved the taste. I could seriously eat ten of those little hors d'oeuvres. 

 Then the cheeseburger empanadas came and my night couldn't have got any better. 

 ( Rosemary fries)

 Thanks to TRACEY BROOKE PR for all of the organisation skills and the great PR
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February 28, 2013

[RESTAURANTS] Diablos BBQ: Southern food in the heart of Montreal x contest

Two weeks ago, we tried Diablos BBQ and we absolutely loved it! 

Restaurant review & Contest + rules after the break!

Just before the holidays, I attended the Notable awards...Ok I didn't really attend the awards but instead, the after party #DontJudgeMe. There, I met a few Twitter followers, had drinks with them, interacted, laughed etc.  After a couple of martinis, I started rambling to Raphael514 about how we don't have Southern food in Montreal and how was craving for chicken'n'waffles and other fried foods. He laughed and just said: "Why don't you come to my restaurant then? We have chicken'n'waffles on Sundays".

He couldn't be serious. 

My sister and I were so shocked and pleased at the same time that we simultaneously started laughing nervously.

Southern food...in Montreal? No!!! It couldn't be!

Indeed, he was right and I did not hallucinate the words that came out of his mouth. Diablos BBQ is located in the heart of the Latin Quarter and
serves Southern inspired food and drinks. I just had to try this spot.

So after eating some yummy Southern food in Atlanta at Gladys last January, I came back to Montreal with that same craving I had in December for fried stuff. I immediately messaged Raphael and asked him when I should come to try Diablos...I couldn't wait any longer. He replied that Mondays are usually a good day because it's "All you can eat ribs". Did you read this well? ALL YOU CAN EAT RIBS! So Fabi (my sister from another mother) and I went last Monday and absolutely loved it

The Restaurant

Diablos is a baby in the Montreal restaurant scene as it only opened 8 months ago in April 2012. What inspired them to bring a Southern Flavour to Montreal? Well in the past, the partners/owners

February 27, 2013

[BEAUTY] Facial care for glowing and healthy skin

If there is one thing that girls  of all nationalities have in common, it is that we all want beautiful skin. Everyone has different skin regimens but I have noticed that it all starts from within: Be healthy, and it will show on your skin. Of course, there are exceptions which are often issued from genetics, I mean if everyone in your family has gorgeous skin regardless of what they do, there is a big chance you will get gorgeous skin.

However, I have found that these couple of tricks were helpful to me and others, especially with Montreal's harsh and constantly changing weather.

See my tips below! You don't need makeup or photoshop to have nice skin. Simply modify your regimen!

Before you do anything, it is important to see a dermatologist or esthetician to help you in determining your skin type and to assess which products are best suited for you.

-Always remove your makeup before going to bed
About a year ago, I ran out of makeup removing wipes and started searching the net for DIY makeup removers. I found this recipe and have been using it ever since! Olive oil is great for your skin AND removes makeup! It's practically free. Try it!

-Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. 
I can never say this enough! Moisturize your face as often as needed, day or night. You should also consider getting a facial for an intensive moisturizing treatment.

-Use sunscreen every day! 
The proper way of using it is to

February 24, 2013

[MUSIC] Top 5 playlist: February

My relationship with music is strange. Some of the songs I hate the most (i.e. 2 Chainz "I'm Different") I know by heart, but I only know the chorus to my favourite songs. It might be because I hate most commercial music yet, I hear it all the time so in conclusion, not only do I unconsciously learn them by heart, but I also lose a few brain cells while singing them. 


These 5 songs are literally on REPEAT right now! By the way, the song by Daley is also on repeat but since I already talked about him, I will not include him in this article. See the songs after the break!

February 11, 2013

Top 10 best dressed at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Some celebs were well dressed while others were...meh! Let's focus on the ones who killed it and discuss a few fails. Which ones were your faves? More pictures after the break!

#1 Kelly Rowland in a George Chakra Couture gown

She destroyed them with that dress. Her body!

#2 Nas 

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