April 1, 2012

Color blocking is back: Get 10 outfits by mixing and matching the old & new!

I wrote about it and appreciated it but I never really got into it last year. I don't know... it seemed nice on OTHER people but I was scared to try it myself: I didn't mind wearing ONE colored item but you know me and my black...I had to wear my black...

But now.....NOW!!! I'm loving the whole color blocking idea to the fullest! And I'm not talking colored pants a black top and beige shoes: I'm talkin' colored pants, top, shoes and purse! All the way! Yes. Sarah is going to wear lots of colors! It was about time! 

Since I am a rookie to this trend, I went shopping last Friday and when I came back home, I decided to mix and match my new items with some older one to experiment this interesting fashion forward yet risky trend. See my new items, my old items, my even older items and finally, check out the outfits I came up with! Tell me what you think about them! Would you rock all of these colors at once?


Two new pairs of pants. Both of them are actually kind of sexy. 

These flats were only 8$ at Sirens so I got 4 pairs! They have other colors too. 


Clocksise: The blue shoes I wore at Miami's Funkshion Fashion Week in 2011, my sister's yellow suede Aldo shoes from the Spring-Summer 2011 collection, yellow Aldo platforms I got at their outlet back in 2009 and finally, my bronze birthday shoes from Aldo's Spring-Summer 2011 collection.

Red pants from Zara, an orange clutch from God knows where (from last year) and a vintage green clutch I got at ADS

THE VERY, VERY OLD: The "I can't believe I still have this" kind of old

I bought this orange t-shirt when I started working at Le Château...9 years ago! I bought the pink shoes at Aldo back in 2006 and the pink clutch I've had since high school: I have a picture where I have this clutch in my hands at a club called Groove Society. Groove Society does not exist anymore. 

See the TEN outfits I came up with after the jump! What do you think?

What to do with my two year old red pants?

I can't believe I bought flashy pink pants! What to do what to do?

I love my blue pants! 

Now all I have to do is actually wear these outfits! I will post the pictures Instagram when I do and you'll be able to view the pics on our Tumblr



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  1. love all the outfits!!! They are great and well put together:)
    good job xox


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