October 24, 2010

Jeanne's Corner

Hello dear VERSASS readers !!

My name is Jeanne and I love anything that has color, movement, sound and textures. As a kid, my father-daughter activity was to go to garage sales around different neighborhoods. He was a pro! He would actually look them up in the Saturday morning newspaper, The Gazette and write them all on a piece of paper. He always kept a map in the car in order to trace a route. And the key to success for garage sales was to get up early and be there before the "rush" to get first dibs on all the cool stuff.  As he would say "the early bird gets the worm"!  LOL  I'm lying! Actually my mother would say that to me, one of her ruse's to get me up early in the morning in order not to be late for school! ANYWAYS.   
So we would hunt around for antics, anything that's old with a history attracted him. He knew exactly what he was looking for: paintings, vases and jewelry and old gowns ... anything with character!. I on the other hand headed straight for the vinyls and clothing. Music & clothes (great match!!!)  So at a very young age I've always been exposed to the arts and fashion ... with the help of my father, with his love of antics and my mother's passion for music. So in my upcoming article I will write about  ..... yeah! you guessed it ! Thrift stores and a specific vintage store that I've totally adopted as my second home ! Hopefully ya'll are going to get your fashion curiosity on and make your way there, and witness some fashionable treasures you probably won't see anymore in your lifetime. This store is a dying breed !  Have a great week people!!! One love. P.S. For info and requests you can e-mail me at jeanne@versass.com


  1. YYEEESSSS Jeanne!! I'm so happy you now have a part in my internet world! I'll definitely read everything you'll post and update you when i'll do and see concerts!!

  2. I hope she saw your comment :) "Jeanne's corner" is amazing!

  3. Yeeaaaahhh !! Eunice !! Long time no hear !! Well I am happy we are "reconnecting" online !! I will surely try to write on a regular basis about clothes or any "fashion" related subjects that are mesmerizing !! Do you have a blog as well ??


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