February 21, 2011

Nouveau Riche Colors: An interview with founder Chris Cole + giveaway!

"Challenging popular culture to reflect on itself" -Nouveau Riche Colors

If you have read my previous posts from the latest Montreal Fashion Week, you've seen that me and my sister wore some pretty cool t-shirts!

Nouveau Riche Colors is not just a regular brand of t-shirts with a logo. Most of the t-shirts have a concrete message and I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with the founder, Chris Cole, to know more about this interesting concept. Turns out he's a pretty cool dude:Traveled all over the world, creative, easy going, down to earth and is very smart! His t-shirts I fell in love with and I really believe this brand can go far!

Get to know him and his brand with a 5 questions bliss after the jump! Also....drum rolls....a cool giveaway! I have over 5 t-shirts to give out for both
men and women! Love love love to discover such talented and determined people in Montreal :)

1. When did Nouveau Riche start off? What inspired you to create a clothing line?

Nouveau Riche Colors was born in April 2010, but I feel like it's been simmering in my head my whole life. It takes a lot of courage and self-confidence to put yourself out there and express yourself through an art form that people can criticize or admire. I have always been a very creative person but I never used my resources to express myself. Nouveau Riche Colors was created as a venue for me to express myself as a person. Last year when I was 21, I was at a crossroads where my life was not where I wanted it to be. I knew that if I didn't make a change quick I would lose the creative spirit I had suppressed for so long. The inspiration behind the clothing line is a decision I made to change my life and actively pursue my dreams. Nouveau Riche Colors is a direct extension of my change and growth as I pursue happiness.


Nouveau Riche represents rebirth. As I stated in the previous question last year was a great period of change and growth for me as I engaged a new chapter in my life. Nouveau Riche represents the rebirth of a term that was once used negatively, and now entails a modern day renaissance; celebrating growth and creativity.

3. In this competitive market, what differentiates your brand from the other ones out there?

My competitive advatage is that my brand actively documents my growth as a human being as well as the growth of the company. I am not claiming to be a fashion brain child or a design student from a celebrated institute. My approach is that of a fan who always wondered how the fashion game worked. Instead of putting up smoke screens, my fans will be able to visually and orally accompany me as I build a brand from scratch. The t-shirts I make inspire me to forge ahead because they keep me motivated. I feel that as long as I stay true to myself and the documentation of my journey is accurate. NVRCH fans will feel the authenticity of my experiences. Through my experiences I hope to inspire and motivate others to succeed and achieve their goals.

4. I know that you've traveled a lot and have always loved fashion. What icons or places inspired you the most?.

South Africa (Cape Town/Johannesburg) was the most inspiring place I have been to fashion wise. I thought it was more stimulating than Rome or Paris. South Africans have managed to take the best of Asian and Western culture and mix it with their own. They are unafraid to mix and match. They really have fun with their fashion. In my opinion they represent the future considering that slowly all our cultures will mix on some level.

5. Nouveau Riche CLRS is for who? Describe the Nouveau Riche girl/guy (target market).

I use to place an age bracket of 16 to 25. But I am now realising that my t-shirts appeal to a broder age group. I would define Nouveau Riche's target market as young adults, up and coming professionals, as well as creators and innovators that are actively seeking to improve their lifestyles. 

When originality meets motivation, success is only a normal outcome! 

To know more about Nouveau Riche, follow them on TWITTER!


Ladies and gentlemen, I have a few t-shirts to give away in all sizes (Small-Medium-Large)!! All you have to do is to follow these simple steps!

1. "Like" Nouveau Riche on Facebook (Click HERE then "like" on top of the Facebook page) 

If you are not on Facebook, visit their website by clicking HERE

2. Browse through their pictures and comment this blog post with these informations:

-Name + Name on Twitter (if you have one)
-E-mail (optional, just in case we cannot reach you if you win)
-Which t-shirt from Nouveau Riche is your favorite?

Giveaway ends on Friday, March 4th and winners will be announced on Monday, March 7th! It is open to people in Canada and the U.S.A. only! 

Good luck people! I can't wait to read your answers!


  1. Esco Orlov
    I like all the men t shirts but my favorite is the

    I would like to thank Versass and Nouveau Riche for this giveaway.

  2. actually i love all of them
    but my favorites are NOUVEAU RICHE FOR THE LOVES, La Fin (red and black) and NOUVEAU RICHE NO1 (white, actually the one u wore at mfw)

  3. My twitter is @teramuse

    I really like the La fin women's t-shirt, it's great!

  4. My favorite is LA FIN... just like a good french movie lol LA FIN in a cool font!!! LOVEEE IT

    Mel's Vision

  5. I love the LA FIN t shirt... just like a good old french movie... LA FIN written with a cool font!!!


  6. wow great interview!

    Farisa, and my twitter: ffarzin
    I love all of them but my top faves would def. be the La Fin one in red and the white classic no. 1 tee

  7. Favorite is the red ''la fin''...''stay winning'' is pretty dope though
    Val.. @valamazing

  8. Carline , twitter :MlleCarline
    I have 2 favorite one I like special edition no1 black and the lover elle is so cute

  9. Like Nouveau Riche on FB under Rene Denning.
    My fave shirt is the men's CRÈME DE LA CRÈME T-SHIRT. Twitter @amied027. ard1977@gmail dot com

  10. Liked Nouveau Riche on FB: Hoa Le
    Name : Hoa
    Twitter: @hle123
    I love the STAY WINNING TEE (ELLE) t-shirt.

  11. Annette E (no twitter)
    My favorite is the Special Edition №1 (ELLE) - Black/Black Tee

  12. Danielle B. @xferriza2
    fb: xferriza2

    My favorite tshirt is the "la fin" in black!


  13. i like them on facebook and my favorite t-shirt is the NOUVEAU RICHE FOR THE LOVERS (ELLE)
    sarah t

  14. My favorite is the for lover in black

  15. I like novous rich on facebook - Erin Cook

  16. Valerie
    @valerie2350 on twitter
    like on FB
    I like the black cest la vie tee

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    I love the black "La Fin" shirt the best, thanks!

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  20. Hazel
    and my favorite tee would be the C'EST LA VIE TEE!

  21. Heather Cahill, twitter name is @xbeautifulcoma

    My favorite would be the Special Edition №1 (ELLE) - Black/Black Tee and the NOUVEAU RICHE FOR THE LOVERS (ELLE)

  22. susan smoaks
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com
    i love this shirt: the red la fin tee

  23. Laura, twitter: happishopr
    I like Special Edition №1 (ELLE) - Black/Black Tee
    trinitygsd at yahoo odt com

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  25. Jennifer
    Love em all

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    on facebook susan s

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    Twitter : @bandi_legal
    Favorite Tee: Black n Red LA FIN

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