March 4, 2010

"What Sassou Wore": Montreal Fashion Week (Day 3)

Okay so I just started blogging, i suck with HTML and I took wayyy too many notes about the 5 fashion shows I attended today.

I will DEFINITELY talk to you guys about all that, but not now. It's almost 4 a.m. and I'm starting to see

In the meanwhile, here's what I wore today :)

Rainbow Miami, 12.99$ (HA! How bout that??)
H&M Montreal, 19.99$ (funny that the belt is more expensive than the shirt)
-Stockings: Pharmaprix, forgot the brand, 5.99$ on special
Aldo (250 Ste-Catherine Est, H2X 1L4), 119.99$
Guess (gift from my cousin who works at Guess hehehe)
H&M 6.99
-Hair by ME (HA!) but original haircut and beautiful color by Nadège at Mordicus Sebastien (541 rue Ontario Est, Montréal 514-849-5108) she is GREAT!!!

The trick to a killer outfit: Color and Accessories!!! I don't think that dress/shirt would have looked as nice without the belt and jewelry.


  1. very cool .. like that

  2. Really love this style.Feminine and simple.
    And lovely colorful.


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