June 1, 2012

Sass will be on TV

This week has been a HORRIBLE week in news (I will not get into details. You guys KNOW what happened in Miami, Maryland and...yes...Montreal). However, I have some GOOD NEWS!

I was selected in the top 100 to participate on VTélé's cooking show/competition "Et que ça saute"! It's basically a competition between amateur chefs (yes, I am an amateur and PROUD damnit) with a first prize of 100,000$!!! If the show is like it was last year, I will probably have to prepare ONE EPIC MEAL to be selected in the top 25 and really begin this stressful, fun and interesting competition. 

The show is in French (sorry English loves) and you can see the concept, read about the judges and view last season's episodes here. I'm happy to be in the top 100 and will be working very, very hard to make you guys proud.



  1. you will definitely make it in the top 25 and if, God forbid, you don't... continue doing what you love and don't give up on your passio for food :) We all believe in you <3


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