April 5, 2010

Showin some love to the stores Olivia and Boodwar :)

It was about time for me to talk about my FAVORITE STORE in downtown Montreal!
Located in the super trendy Cours Mont-Royal, this store keeps amazing me! I remember a couple of years ago, my friend Jennifer told me she worked at Olivia and Boodwar (different stores, but with similar clothes and the same owner). I was like huh? Wtf is that store? Bref, I thought I would be super expensive because of its location....
I was WRONG! Not only the items at Olivia and Boodwar are NOT expensive at all (I think the most expensive item is around 60$), but the clothes are original, trendy, sexy but not trashy and fashion forward! This store reminds me of the trendy mini boutiques I went to in Italy, especially one called Dixie in Florence. Almost every time I have an event, I stop there to pick up something I know no one else will have!....well maybe someone else does but I have not come across anyone that had one of the multiple items I bought in these stores...YAY!!! And wow, their sales rack? Amazing! I always manage to find something. Even if it is not my size, I find a way to make if fit anyways because it's sooo gorgeous :) 

Thanks Jen for making me discover this beautiful store, and I will certainly remain a loyal shopper for the years to come! 

Oh and by the way, now they have a shoe and accessories store! Located in the same indoor mall! 

Click Here to see what they have on the website! 

Here are some of the beautiful items I have bought there in the past year. P.S. The brown belt that you see on most of the pictures (my all time favorite belt) is actually from Le Château. It is the most expensive item on these pics...lol...it was 40$.

Dress: 24,99$ at Boodwär
Shoes: 9,99$ at Olivia shoe and accessories store! yay

Dress: On sale for 19,99$ at Boodwär

Shirt: Olivia, 9,99$ (it was a Large! But fit nice anyways)

Nice loose shirt: Olivia, 9,99$. 


  1. Hehe... yes! The you-can't-go-wrong store. Bought my sister the birthday AND Christmas presents there.

  2. Very photogenic !! :)

  3. Hi! I love this store too-but it disappeared...do you know what happened to Boodwar? Help I am very sad... :( (October 6, 2011)


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