October 2, 2010

Sassy on a budget 2.0: VERSASS

In life, when you work hard at something, you move on to bigger things at one point! Which is why Sassy on a Budget has now become VERSASS.

Why Versass? Why not Sass or Sassy? Why not include the word "budget" anymore, since it was such a big part of the website's theme?

I chose the word Versass because of a few things. VER is for VERSATILE, which, in my opinion, best describes the website and the whole culture behind it. Although the two main things are food and fashion, the subjects also range from being on a budget to allowing yourself to splurge once in awhile and from luxury things to complete ghettoness. SASS is for SASSY, which is a word I really liked from the original blog. Finally, SASS also comes from my nickname: Sassou

Also, I am not alone anymore! I have a team! They will be revealed very soon... Stay tuned for more upcoming AMAZING things such as:

-"D Second Option", which will be a section where you will be getting a male perspective on how to be chic and how to eat very well on a budget. It was about time!
-Catered food!! Deliveries! More recipes!
-Even more exclusive interviews
-Surprises surprises surprises!!
-Articles in English AND French (the french people must be like "ENFIN!!! Il etait temps!"

Thank you sooooooo much for reading the blog and for all the feedback! All of this would not have been possible without the loyal readers! Don't forget to send us your questions/suggestions to info@versass.com.


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  1. Clever! keep it coming lady, keep us guessing.

  2. Congrats on the new project, can't wait to hear/see more!!!
    BTW i'm so jalouse that you did an interview with Lou!!!!lol!!!! hope he doesn't read this!


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