May 3, 2010

Recipe of the week: Garlic snails "au gratin"

Love it or hate it, I freakin love it.
Some people shrug at the plastic and strange appearance of the escargots (snails) but I'm telling you! They are great! 
So the other day, I finished one of my hardest classes (B2B marketing) and to celebrate, i went to Café République, a little restaurant/cafe/bar on Peel, between Ste-Catherine and St-Laurent to treat myself with some "escargots à l'ail gratinés" (the best in Montreal, in my opinion). Delicious. 6.95$. mmmmm....miam.

But see, I don't always have those 6,95$. Seriously. So I learned how to make them myself! Of course, not having the 7$ means that you actually spent your money in decent groceries (lol)...a can of snails is like 2 bucks, and most people have butter and garlic in their fridge...cmon now!

Here it is!
For about two people you need:
-One can of escargots (found at the grocery store in the same section as canned tuna, canned chicken etc.)
-2 tablespoons of butter
-One garlic clove (or some garlic powder, if you don't have whole garlics)
-two plates with holes in them, the ones made especially for that, they have about 6-8 holes (nice ones at Dollarama)
-Parsley, dry or fresh (optional)
-Grated mozzarella (mmmmm)

Drain the escargots, rince. Turn on the oven on Broil, at about 400 degrees. In a pan, over medium heat, melt the butter. Add the escargots and the garlic. Stir. Put one-two escargots per hole in the plates. With a spoon, add a bit of the melted butter in each hole. Cover plates with mozzarella, then put in the oven for about ten minutes, or until the top is kind of brownish. 

Serve with bread, preferably baguette and not white bread that is cut into pieces, like I did (see picture, shame).

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  1. Also real nice with a few drops of lemon juice added while in the pan with the butter and garlic. We also sometimes pour a bit of cheese sauce over before grilling it with the mozzarella.


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