June 2, 2012

What Sassou wore: Cream colors

I got a lot of compliments for this outfit! There is actually nothing new, except for my wife beater.

-Wedges: Aldo
-Skirt: 25 year old vintage skirt from God knows where
-Wife beater: Le Garage. They have great, affordable, long-lasting wife beaters. I bought it with the 25$ gift card I got in the gift bag at the opening of the Garage/Dynamite store on Ste-Catherine and Peel.
-Chain: My own, my favorite, my lucky charm and it has no brand. It was a Sweegt 16 gift. 
-Watch: Marc Jacobs
-Hoop earrings: Aldo. 

If you don't count my watch, I think my whole outfit isn't even worth 50$ since I got the wedges on sale. But the style and the elegance of the skirt and ensemble in general...PRICELESS!

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  1. Sarah this is one of my favorite styles... elegant, classy and fresh! The whole thing put together is beautiful, specially with the hair bun.
    Jen xox


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