November 5, 2011

Skate or not?

DSquared Skate ankle boots....1,825.00$ (OUCH!)
Alain Quilici skate boots 1,180.00$
Jeffrey Campbell, 260$ (THANK GOD!)
Sold out in most places but usually available at Urban Outfitters

At first, I was like WHOA! Now I'm like OH YEAH....not bad!

Not sure that I could walk in them for too long, unleess they REALLY feel like wedges. Nonetheless, I still think they're hot and personally prefer the ones from Alain Quilici in comparison to the original ones from DSquared. Also, they can be quite expensive...thanks to Jeffrey Campbell for creating a more affordable version. Ouf!

What do YOU think? Would you rock them?

Check out some celebrities wearing these unconventional boots and where to buy them after the jump!

Celebrity stylist June Ambrose

The Queen Bee rocking them in NYC
May I remind you that she is pregnant! Gotta admire her boldness
Available at

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