March 28, 2011

Funkshion's South Beach Fashion Week: Fall/Winter 2011 /// Day 3


Les Pericles
This part of South Beach Fashion Week is one of the main reasons why I accepted to travel to Miami specifically for this event. I love Haiti too! I am originally from this country and have always been extremely proud of the Haitian culture! The fashion from "La Perle des Antilles" always fascinated me...It seems as if money is never an issue when it comes to looking good...Haitians have a natural talent when it comes to displaying themselves with elegance and grace. I was more than anxious to discover what the designers had to offer! This division was described as such:

As a follow up to last year's Earthquake Relief show for Haiti, these designers will exhibit an array of fashion talents and achievements. The presentation will shine the light on the island and on the role that Fashion can play in the rebuilding efforts. This will be an exceptional display of creativity beyond all odds while overcoming numerous adversities.
Les Pericles
I appreciated the way it was described on the website. The truth is, the people of Haiti have a way of overcoming adversities with so much will and positivism....and matching this strength with fashion was an intriguing concept. It was my last day in Miami and my most anticipated one, so I spent the afternoon before the show backstage, getting to know the designers, all while taking a good look at their creations. I discovered that although each one of them was original in their own way, their resemblance was blatant in their optimistic views on fashion. It was refreshing! Yes, it was a night full of beautiful fashion, but the addition of entertaining elements, such as spoken word and music, was a perfect complement to this exhibition. Each designer has a different vision, and the group Zenglen was successful in adjusting their performance to each one of them. From old school to new school kompa (Haitian music), their musical execution was flawless, ideally matching each designer's creations. 

Before the fashion shows started, we got a musical performance by the Haitian rap group TPO. I had heard of them before but it was my first time actually seeing them perform live! Although I am not a huge fan of "rap kreyol" (creole rap), I have only good things to say about their performance. They are talented and know how to entertain the public! I wish them the best. They performed a couple of songs and
were followed by Mecca, who amazed the public with his poetic skills. This spoken word segment gave me shivers and also made me laugh a couple of times. I liked how he spoke the truth with harsh reality and humor at the same time, all of that while making the public participate.

As the fashion show started, I got emotional... I cannot even describe how proud I was! Here is what the presentations looked like! Check it out :)

Music: Jere Sexy a, very popular and recent kompa music 

This is her first Ready-to-Wear collection and I was highly impressed by the quality of her materials and the way she adds a touch of sexiness to each piece. Her use of colorful silk organza, silk charmeuse and organza was splendid. The way she added ruffles to some of the clothing in her collection was also eye-popping. I was especially attracted by the last dress with the trail and by the yellow top with ruffles, paired with originally crafted silk pants. It was interesting how the back of her dresses was always sexy! The standing ovation that she got was only natural, considering the success of her beautiful creations. Let's not forget to mention how grateful she was to her sponsors, CallDirek.

Music: Septentrional interpretation of "Tifi a leve", old school kompa

Les Pericles was a collaboration of designers Mimi Pericles and of Violette Pericles. It was, in other words, a fusion of contemporary and more classical designs.

I have no words to describe the astonishment that I felt when discovering these creations. To be honest, I was speechless and emotional. I spoke to Violette Pericles before the show and she explained to me how she mixes her designs with art and how she had been dressing important Haitian women for the past 20 years (such as Farrah Juste). Mimi Pericles started the show with some amazing black outfits (I would have worn each and every single one of them...) that were seductive and tasteful.  The dark pieces were immediately followed by white chothing, the first outfit of this segment showcasing what I describe as a "reinvention of the classical Sunday, silk church outfit", succeeded by more alluring, sexier outfits such as jumpsuits and dresses mostly in that same, light color. The flowers on the jumpsuits reminded me a lot of Haitian art. Little did I know, it was only a teaser to the next spectacular creations. 

I was pleasantly stupefied to witness the demonstration of traditional dresses and outfits by Violette Pericles. The details and art on the clothing was simply magnificent, putting me in instant awe. I will let the images speak for themselves, as I cannot even explain how impressed I was. There was a piece of history to each piece, whether it was with Haitian art, the Haitian flag/flag colors or even with the images of important Haitian men that played a big part in the history of their country. 


The last dress was, in my opinion a tridimensional masterpiece representing the last major earthquake in Haiti. It was like nothing I had ever seen...look at how it was elegantly transformed! Stunning!

One word for this collection, which was without any doubt the highlight of my night: GORGEOUS. Another well deserved standing ovation. 

BIEN ABYE by Dayanne Danier with jewelry by Rax Collection
Music: A Lanvè, recent music but more mellow kompa

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the lady behind "Bien Abye", which is creole for "Well Dressed". This energetic, friendly and down to earth lady explained to me how her clothes reflect the original, sexy, but clasical working women, with each piece having a little something special to them. Looking through her collection, I acknowledged how she would add a little touch of originality to usually simple, work or casual clothing. For example, the ruffles on top of a beige skirt or the puffy sleeves on a shirt. Loved the cuts of her clothes and how she would add a little "kick" to each outfit, even business suits and silk dress shirts! She ended her showcase with a cute red dress with diagonal ruffles, which was a nice end to her succession of more casual or business outfits. 

Music: Composition racine (rara)

This designer, originally from Cap-Haitien, speaks of his designs with a vivid passion that instantly captures your attention. I just could not wait to see his clothing! I was soon amazed by his talent, his use of vivid colors and his linen creations. I am a big fan of jumpsuits and was pleased with the yellow one-piece pant suit with a lower back.  Also, it was refreshing to see a showcase with a different shade of yellow (mustard yellow, to be more specific), and some outfits of that color were nicely contrasted with a shade of cream. Michel Chanteigne knows how to add little details to each one of his designs to make them unique, appealing and refined. I loved (and actually want to buy) the short cream dress with a multicolored diagnonal splash of colors in the front! 

I want it!!

The two long dresses showcased at the very end of his fashion show segment were radiant! The first one, flashy pink with multicolored ruffles, was captivating and the second one (my favorite) with a purple bustier-like top and white ruffled bottom was only a teaser of what was coming next. 

After the models did a run-through of the ensemble of his collection, the designer came out accompanied by a model wearing a gorgeous cream wedding dress. Bravo!

Music: "Tempo" (upbeat tempo kompa)

A more casual clothing collection closed the night. Both men and women walked the runway wearing clothing that went from shorts to t-shirts to wife beaters and even bathing suits, all with the word "Fancy" written on them. I applaud the styling of this collection because although most of the clothing was plain (looking a lot like some things from American Apparel), each outfit was well accessorized, especially when it came to the ladies: Head pieces, original shoes, gloves, sunglasses etc. Very simple, déja-vu, but cute. Oh you fancy huh?

Hightlights of the show
-TPO performing "Do the I got money walk". Once again, they were very entertaining and that song is still stuck in my head! Super catchy. I'm gonna go play it on YouTube now (brb, lol).
-Gorgeous, consistent hairstyles. Beautiful styling....amazing shows in general. 
-Kudos to the organizers Jimmy Moise and Ralph Cassagnol! Great animation as well.
-Beautiful words by Tatiana Moise and the announcement of a moment of silence for Haiti and the eathquake. 
-The organizers of "Fashion Loves Haiti" giving a gorgeous Haitian painting as a gift to the people responsible for Funkshion Fashion week...awwww...

Beautiful abstract Haitian painting by Theo  (from Kreyol La)
My criticism
-Two hours late. Ouuuuch...I guess that's how they do it in Miami, since it was like that every single day. 
-Although the animation was great, the designers were not announced. The show would start and I would have to turn my head and look at the big screen to see which designer's turn it was. 
-Since the show started very late, I am sure that everyone was hungry. A sampler of Haitian appetizers would have been nice: Ralph Leroy had that at his last show and it was a success...Food and fashion always mix! Plus, Haitian food is great.

A few pictures backstage

Michel Chanteigne's clothes

It was love at first sight with that dress! -Michel Chanteigne

The details make all the difference! -Michel Chanteigne

Mejeanne the ruffles

Ruffles, silk, and color for Mejeanne Couture

That skirt I love! -Bien Abye
Overall, this was my favorite day and I am proud to be Haitian! I am also extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend this spectacular Fashion Week. I will be back, Miami! 

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  1. WOW!! Murielle Leconte's Dresses are ASTONISHING ! From the floral print to the historical Haitian figures ! C'est sublime !!

  2. I'm so proud of you, Ayitien! Love You. C'est une merveille! Lem te laj model nou te gin bel bagaye kon sa, me'oum we ou evoluzion! Felecitation!

  3. Wow! WOw! WOW! Gotta Be Proud Of The Haitian Culture! Sarah Keep Up The Good Work ..You Will Get To Your Goal ! I Have to say That I Am Really Impress By Your Work! NIce Articles Im Reading More & More Everyday! So Keep Us Update!

  4. Great post! Discovered you from chokarella this morning.

    Good to know about all the Haitians in the fashion world...pieces like these are improtant. Keep up the good work. :)


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