May 15, 2010

Wet Willies baby!

So to celebrate the end of the winter semester and to add a little kick to the horrible summer semester (that started may 3rd :( fml ), my sister and I went to Miami last weekend. Most of our family lives there and we go multiple times a year! Its like our second home.

Nonentheless, we always have a blast. I mean's Miami! Pretty people. beautiful beaches, great parties and the list of cool things can go on for hours! One of our ultimate FAVORITE not expensive place to go on South Beach is....(drumrolls).....WET WILLIES!

If you don't look closely, you might miss it. Located on Ocean Drive, its a little 2 story restaurant and bar where they sell food, drinks and their famous slush-like beverages. But BEWARE! First time I went there, I wanted to go hard so I got a "Call-A-Cab", thinking hey, what can a slush do to me...but right after drinking it, the alcohol hit me on the face like a huge punch....and I LOVED IT!!! GUYS! Everything is expensive in South Beach (14$ for a burger? Get TF outta heeeeeeere), so instead of buying a Mojto for 14$, go to Wet Willies and get yourself a slushie!!! They're only 10$ and you'll have a good time :) Plus you're allowed to walk on the beach with them :D

They have multiple locations but I can only testify for the South Beach branch. Have fun guys!

Wet Willies
760 Ocean Drive (between 7th and 8th street)
Miami Beach, Florida
Click here for the website!

(P.S. I'm wearing a jumpsuit from H&M that was 39.95$ and bangles from Ardene. My sister is wearing a dress from Guess and a necklace from H&M)

Here is my little sister enjoying a drink from there 

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