September 8, 2010

An interview to myself: Why I chose Catherine Lapointe for my first interview did you meet Catherine Lapointe?

Well, back in my modeling days, I did this fashion show called Fashion Revolution, in November 2008 to be more precise. I met her at the fitting for Success Clothing, and have kept in touch with her ever since!

-Uhhh...why would you keep in touch with her? 

Because she seemed cool, I liked her vibe!! Plus, when I added her on Facebook, I really liked her statuses...hehehehehehe.I have come to find out that she is smart, creative, and hilarious. 

-Who is she? What does she do??

Okay! She does many things, she's like a freakin super-woman/multi-tasker/original gal!
 Not only does she have her own brand called Hairspraymafia, but she also does stuff for kids, and the brand is called Marmoset. She also does a lot of cool stuff with regular or unused fabric: paintings (yes!'ll see!), blankets, cushions, and more! On top of that, she also has a garden and cooks a lot of yummy food. I will admit with NO SHAME that her statuses about her successful recipes often made me drool. All of that goes great with my blog! :)

-Wow, that's a lot of cool stuff!

INDEED!!! Stay tuned! Interview coming soon!

In the meanwhile, check out her website , join her group on Facebook and follow her on Twitter !!! NOW!

P.S....Check out those pictures, just for fun

Me wearing a dress she made

Catherine Lapointe made this sofa look FLY! Nice....

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