October 5, 2010

Recipe of the week: Killer "thin crust" prosciutto and veggie pizza!

I freakin love pizza. I love it so much that sometimes, when I go to a really nice restaurant, I'll choose pizza instead of the steak or the other specialties they might have and not even share that pizza unless you pay me. I can't help it!! It's so good! Especially when you add a bit of olive oil on top (a little trick I learned in Italy...everyone does that there: No one will look at you strangely or start calling you names like "freakin pig" when you do this in this country). Of course, not every pizza is good, so why not make your own? You get to pick and choose whatever you want to put on it since its YOUR pizza. HA!

Here's the recipe for the pizza Dimi and I did the other day. But remember: You can remix it and put your own favorites :D It's "thin crust" (okay let's cheat and call pita bread "thin crust"), not too expensive, and you get to make yourself happy! And others too, perhaps.

Here it goes!

You will need:
-One laaaaaaarge pita bread. You know which one! It is like over 20 cm in diameter, the pack of 5-6 cost about 3$. Hell yeah.
-Mozzarella (duh)
-That 0,89$ pizza sauce can from the supermarket (I took the one with garlic...mmm...garlic)
-Spices, garlic and chopped basil (the basil is VERY important, adds the perfect kick to your pizza)
-Chopped prosciutto (I'm not being fancy, it's often on sale at P/A)
-A green pepper, chopped
-A small, red onion (or yellow onion), sliced
-A small zucchini, chopped

-Turn the oven on Broil, at 400 Fahrenheit.
-Grate the mozzarella. Put aside.
-Cut veggies. Put aside
-Empty the pizza sauce can in a medium bowl. Add a bit of water to make the sauce less thick (about one cup). Also, add some salt, pepper, garlic and chopped basil (not all of it, keep some to top the pizza).
-Spread some sauce on the pita bread. Add the chopped prosciutto, then the cheese, then the veggies, and then, top it of with some chopped basil.
-Put in the oven for about 10-12 minutes or until cheese starts to brown a little.
-Take the pizza out of the oven. Cut it. Enjoy. And if you have guests, be clever and look at their faces while they enjoying their first bite...you'll love it!!!

Notice how half of the pizza is missing on the last pic! I couldn't wait! 


  1. very nice takes 5minutes to make guys y'all should definitely try it!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I tried two similar pita pizza. the first one is a chicken alfredo pizza with onions and mozzarella the second one an italian sausage and tomato sauce pizza with onions both on mini pita. with a glass of red wine, DELICIOUS!!

    I wish I wasnt so hungry and greedy and had taken a pic first to show you.

    Thanks for the ideas Sassou!!

  3. Too bad I couldn't get pics :( But it sounds DELICIOUS!

  4. This looks so good! I'm going to try it
    Love Pizza. It may be my fav food!
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