October 5, 2010

Montreal Fashion Week: 19th edition (Day 1-2)

So there was another fashion week in Montreal last week, and to be more specific, it was the 19th edition. I am very happy to have worked with Ralph Leroy to literally create a magical show (that was successful, according to many, many people...you will see some EXCLUSIVE pictures soon, in another article) because some of the other shows were just okay this season. I am still happy with some discoveries and am happy to talk about them!! Here it goes!

Since on Monday, I could not attend the shows, I went to media welcome cocktail. Check out what I had to say about it HERE. Anyways, I heard the shows from that day were good, saw the picctures etc. etc. What got my attention was the Marie Saint-Pierre showroom, where she exhibited her lookbook all over the wall. Creative! I would've loved to see that.

I was dissapointed to have missed the first 3 shows because of school :( The ones I missed were Modethik (which featured clothes by a designer friend, Olga Tigilras) Cocolily and Micalla. I discovered a designer whose clothes were nice! Her name is Valerie Dumaine and her clothes were feminine, casual and classy at the same time! I particularly appreciated her use of stripes at the end of ther fashion show Nice discovery! Here is my fave piece by her. I would wear th in a heartbeat....those who know me KNOW that I love my black clothes hehe.

After that show, my nicest discovery of MFW19: Second Clothing. I was surprised to not have seen more people! I have to admit that it was my favorite show, after Barilà. I would wear EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING I saw during that fashion show. It all started with a mini documentary about how they came up with the idea for their "yoga jean". Nice! Then, a few yoga poses on the runway, with the models wearing the yoga jeans. I definitely want a pair! The fashion show started after: It was a mix of sexy, colored or plain jeans with a selection of beautiful, colored pieces. I froze when I saw the flowered dress below...I loved it! Sorry if the picture is blurry but I had no choice to put it. So Mr. Eric Wazana...if you read this, please let me know how I could get one. Oh and I forgot to say the music selection was great! Loved hearing Michael Jackson on the runway. P.S. Their website is pretty cool too, check it out!

Notice that my two last pictures have the same model. This was unintentional! She's very pretty though, don't know her name but she did a lot of shows. 

Oh and I met DENIS GAGNON!!!! Twas the highlight of my day.
Click READ MORE for the other pics of the two shows!!

Valerie Dumaine

Second Clothing


  1. Bravo pour ton accréditation!! et CHANCEUSE tu as recontré Denis Gagnon, franchement tu as l'air d'avoir eu un bon MFW!!

  2. merci Eunice!! By the way je voulais te dire un gros merci et te donner un grooos bisou sur la joue pour tous tes commentaires positifs sur le blogue!! Tu n'as aucune idee a quel point j'apprecie


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