February 15, 2011

Montreal Fashion Week's 20th edition: The beautiful people

Montreal Fashion Week was amazing! Nice fashion shows, champagne and of course, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! It was held from February 7th until February 10th this year and I went 3 of the 4 days. One of those days, I was coming from school and had my winter hat on, so no pictures aiight?? Hehehe!

With Félipe St-Laurent (owner of Primavera, great food) and Benoît Gagnon

Check out some more pictures of the amazing people and fashionistas spotted during Fashion Week after the jump! Thanks to Dimitri Rousseau for taking wonderful pics on the last day!!!

Mélanie Brisson, stylist
My little sister Patricia Desamours, wearing  Nouveau-Riche Colors

My sister again with Vanessa Nicolas aka Vanoush

With Mr. Ian Invincible

Two brothers. Moe Jeudy L'Amour and Nick Jeudy L'Amour (and his famous face)

With my favorite fashion blogger, Robyn Chalmers of  Fashionista 514

With Angelo Cadet!

Beautiful singer Leï Lo (right) with a friend
With our photograph Dimitri Rousseau (click HERE to follow him on Twitter)
Leï Lo again with singer Lukay

The wonderful Miss Sly with a friend

Socialite Clara Hakizimana

Singer Mitsou

Me and Noelly aka Miss Sly :)

Clara with a model

Velvet after party. Jean Pascal.

The beautiful singer Jennifer Silencieux

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