February 3, 2011

Recipe of the week: Jeanne's Apple sauce!

Never know what to do with your old raggity apples, that have been left on the counter for a few weeks?!

APPLE SAUCE, instead of throwing them in the can make a sauce!

  I've been really trying not to waste foo lately, we always tend to buy too much fruits and end up never eating them. I had a total of six apples on my kitchen table and I had a flashback of when my mother used to make apple sauce when me and my sister were sick (that and squashed banana's). It's quick, easy and doesn't require a lot of ingredients. 
What you will need:

-Brown sugar
-Apple juice (If you have any, it's not essential)
-Vanilla extract (Not essential)

So here we go! Peel your apples and cut them in small squares or whatever shape floats your boat! put them in a pot (any size) add your brown sugar (I'm not telling you how much to add, it's up to you. Everyone has their personal sugar levels! lol)
Sprinkle some cinnamon and if you do have apple juice just add half a cup. For the people who don't have any apple juice just add half a cup of hot water. Again, for the people with vanilla extract, add four drops. Let it boil up for about 20 minutes and as the apples get softer squash them with a spoon. Stir and let sit for 10 minutes. You can serve it cold or hot!  Try it on vanilla ice cream as well! yummy!

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