February 15, 2011

What Patou wore: MFW20

My sister Patricia aka Patou is fly and according to me and many, her unique style always turns heads. So I decided to be a papparazzi and snap pictures of when she's wearing a sick outfit. Yeah buddy!

Here she is on the 1st day of the 20th edition of Montreal Fashion Week!

Click HERE to follow her on Twitter. She is hilarious, by the way. 

T-Shirt: Nouveau Riche Colors (Click HERE to like them on Facebook)
Flowered Saroul pants: Random Indian store in Costa Rica
Clutch: Costa Blanca, Montreal,
Shoes: Sirens (Bought during the 5$ sale in Promenades de la Cath├ędrale, believe it or not)
Media pass: Priceless ;)

P.S. Blond hair by the superb Nad├Ęge Stamili

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