July 12, 2011

Outfit of the day: Jamie Chung in a cute skirt

When I saw her in Hangover 2, I immediately thought "WOW she is GORGEOUS!!!!"

And when I saw her in that outfit, my jaw dropped! From head to toe, this is natural and simple beauty at its best. Love love love love love the combination of oh-so-high nude pumps with the playful denim skirt. The jewelry is perfect: Feminine, chic and especially not over the top. This summer outfit leaves me speechless. Check out p.19 from the latest edition of the Quebec edition of Loulou magazine to see how you can rock that style!!

She's not even wearing a lot of makeup and just let her hair flow naturally. Gosh. 

P.S. Check out the trailer for Hangover 2 below. The movie was HILARIOUS! I don't care if it seemed similar to the 1st one, I choked on my Pepsi like 5 times because I was laughing so much during this comedy. And Bradley Cooper is hot. So yeah...

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