October 1, 2011

My fall 2011 faves in Montreal

It's 8 degrees Celcius outside which means: Fall has definitely arrived! Here are a few of my favorite items for ladies, all of which can be found in Montreal or online :) Enjoy!

P.S. I have to admit that the majority of these items aren't too COLORFUL. But let me explain! When it comes to fall/winter items (especially the super expensive ones, like coats and leather gloves), I'd rather stick with neutral colors. However, you can find different color variations on most of these picks!


Zara! So cute and comfortable, 139$

Rudsak is always my #1 choice for fall and winter coats. I love how this one is unusual. 545$

Mackage, my guilty pleasure. 650$ USD (I know, I know), available on the  Mackage website

Soia & Kyo. Pretty damn cute huh? Also available in black and off-white on their website


Obviously I have a serious and incurable shoe obsession disease, so
it's only natural that this section has the most images.

I like! H&M, 59,95$

Jeffrey Campbell "Fauset". Available at Little Burgundy for 140$. Nuff' said!

ALDO! These Lewi shoes left me speechless. They are beautiful. Imagine an all black dress, black stockings and POW! These flashy shoes.  90$

ALDO again. I can totally imagine myself wearing those 130$ Matkowsky boots with skinny jeans.

Le Chateau. Both of these pairs cost 180$ and the almost exact same pair of Michael Kors boots that look like the ones on the left cost 278$ at Browns. Nice eh?

Stuart Weitzman, available at Browns for.....795$. Yikes. But they're still hot.

Rudsak, Toni boots, 325$.  How sexy are those? Damn....


So I have a thing for scarves and berets, but I'll try not to obsess with that..

ZARA, 119$. Hot! Imagine it on top of a black leather jacket. Ohhh que oui!

BCBG leather gloves. 48$

Cool scarf! Available at Spring and also in black and taupe, only 14.99$

Aldo, 45$. Very fly.

Got the gold one for my sister in France and she loves it! Zara sequinned beret,  25.90$

My reaction when I saw them sounded something like : "OH WOW, oh, god, WOW". My reaction when I touched the fur: "ARGGGG!!!! No way! No freakin way!" My reaction when I bough them: "Damn, that was a little bit expensive for gloves". Whatever. Zara, 79,90$

Good job, H&M. 59,95$

So that's it for me! I have hundred more items that I am absolutely in love with and I could talk about this subject for days! 

What are your faves? What will you be rockin' this fall? 



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