November 23, 2011

5 reasons why you should invest in a good winter coat

That is if you live in a country where it gets cold in winter, of course.  

And when I say invest, I really mean it. I don't care if your coat was on sale for 39,99$ at Urban Behavior, I can guarantee that your ass will freeze in it.  I'm talking about a coat that costs AT LEAST 200$ with a brand recognized for its use of materials that keep your body warm and isolated from the devastating cold. I have to admit I used to talk smack about Canada Goose coats until I actually realized how warm they were. Mind you, I still don't wear a Canada Goose (because I work downtown and I don't wanna look just like every two people I walk by), but there are other amazing LOCAL brands that will keep you warm all winter long like Rudsak (my personal favorite), Soia & Kyo, Mackage and more. 

Here are a few reasons why I urge you to invest in good winter gear:

1. You love life and want to continue living. 
Because you don't wanna die of cold while waiting for the bus. 

2. Because you'd like go through winter without any pain. 
Winter is long as hell in Montreal, it can last up to 7 months! It's much better when you are not freezing all the time, nose running and all because the frozen wind is going through your coat, directly on your skin, causing a harsh, painful feeling similar to a slow death. 

3. You can be fashionable while fighting for survival in this cold.
Many of these amazing coats look HOT! No need to look like an esquimo to look fly! Thanks Andy :)

4. You feel more comfortable. 
A good coat is not that thick! It's all about the quality of the material used so you can feel warm without looking like the "Bonhomme Michelin" nah mean? The good quality coats are so warm that you can wear a tank top under and not be cold! I am talking from experience. 

5. It's a good, long-term investment. 
Unless you roll in the snow everyday and throw it on the floor all the time or let your animals play with it, a good coat can last years. 

So if you're on a budget or what not, wait until Boxing Week (week following Christmas)! There are always sales and you can get your coat up to 50% off! 

Check out stores like SimonsRudsak and Blue Marine (located in Montreal's Eaton Centre) for coats that will last.

That said, I will not even elaborate on the importance of good boots, scarf, gloves, wearing leggings under jeans, two pairs of socks etc... I mean, look at my picture? It was -40 degrees celcius and although no one could see my face except for my eyes, I was not cold at all! Lol. Okay I'll stop.




Check out some cool coats after the jump!

Mackage Noreen


Rudsak "Alia"

Soïa & Kyo "Noreen"

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