January 3, 2012

Blessed and 25 years old

This year, for the first time in my life, I decided to organize something big for my birthday. You only turn 25 once, you know? No, I'm not necessarily where I thought I would be at 25 (career wise...not YET, no family, still single etc lol meh!), but I'm healthy and happy, so why not celebrate?

It was one of the best decisions ever, especially since I had the most amazing event planners! They took care of everything from A to Z and  gave me ideas I never would have thought of! The theme was "Red Carpet" and I had a back drop, a red carpet (of course), yummy appetizers, champagne, cupcakes, a "Louboutin" cake (because I LOVE red bottoms) and the most important part: People that I love soooo much around me. My moms, sister, best friends, high school friends, cousins...everyone that was there made my night! We ate, drank, danced like maniacs and had a blast! 

I can definitely say this was the best birthday I ever had! Check out the video below courtesy of Milano Foto Empire

I wanted to say a special thank you to a few people that made this party extra special

-MMY Coordination for making my dream birthday party happen perfectly. I'd also like to take a moment to thank Régine as she was the one I dealt with the most...she is professional, a sweetheart...just a great person in general and I will always remember her genuine personality. If you have a launch, wedding, baptism, birthday party or ANY EVENT that requires event planning, I recommend them and I'm 200% sure they will make your even unforgettable! (By the way, it was my first time hiring even planners and it saves you a WHOLE lot of time!!!) 

Check out their website here and like them on Facebook

-Sébastien Robillard for taking beautiful pictures!! Thank you soooooo much, you really did capture the moment! And I see you had a blast, too ;) 

See his website here. He also takes great fashion shots!

-Stephane Bonaparte Auguste for coming all the way from Ottawa to take pictures and film the whole night! You're amazing. 

He just started and the video is amazing! Encourage him and like Milano Foto Empire on Facebook

-DJ Excel for playing great music, as usual. I've known Kerby for almost 10 years and he NEVER FAILS to play great music! Parties, BBQs, weddings, he's ALWAYS amazing!!! Get him for your next event!

Check him out on Facebook

-Nadège Stamili for doing my hair and makeup that day and helping me look great! She's not only a great friend, but also a talented hairdresser and makeup artist.

Check her out here, and she's DOWNTOWN!! Nice!!

-Prestige Studios for their great spot and amazing service! Bernadette and her husband are extremely nice and try their best to help make your party just how you want it. Plus, the spot is downtown which is convenient for many! 

-My family and friends who helped throughout the organization (especially my sister Patricia) or just showed up and had a great time! And also for actually bringing alcohol! I am very grateful.

So damn happy
I am freakin blessed. Thank you God for putting all these people around me that have such a positive impact on my life! More pics after the break!! 

The ladies from MMY Coordination

Nadège Stamily

Crying of joy

With model Natasha Laurent, of Montage Models

With Jennifer


Andréanne, my friend since kindergarten

DJ Excel and music producer Jean Robert

My sister Patricia, follow her on Twitter  @_PattyCakez

Lukay singing me Happy Brithday :)


  1. It seemed like quite a party but you know, I will always second someone wanting to throw herself a party; I mean what is the purpose of living if you are not having fun? ;-)

  2. Lovely!!! The cake is everything #WOW
    Memorable day that's for sure, happy for you layd. xoxo


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