January 10, 2012

Blue Ivy Carter: The birth of the royal hip hop baby + The song "Glory"

Last Sunday, Your Highness Beyoncé and King Jay Z welcomed a little girl into this world: Blue Ivy Carter aka B.I.C. Aka Hip Hop Princess aka The Royal Hip Hop Baby. 

I have been a huge fan of this couple: I've loved Beyoncé since Destiny's Child and Jay Z is one of my favorite rappers and businessmen. I think they fit perfectly together.

They are so cute
Although I think that naming a child BLUE-IVY is strange (in a "Hey what's up, what's your name" replied by "I'm Blue" type of way), after listening to my friend Carel Pedre's show this morning I decided that the meaning of the name is somehow acceptable. Blue seems to be for Blueprint 1-2-3 which were amazing bestselling albums by Jay Z and IVY contains the Roman number IV (4) which is also significant because Jay Z is born on December 4th, Beyoncé on September 4th and strangely enough, her last album's name (which she strongly promoted during her pregnancy) is entitled "4". I read other crazy speculations about the name but I'm not gonna go into details: Some theories are complete comedy. 

I can already imagine the life of this baby: Gold, diamonds, Rollies that don't tick tock (Limited Baby Edition), trips to the south of France, having Justin Bieber sing on her 1st birthday anniversary celebrated on a yacht somewhere along the Pacific, custom made outfits by YSL, fish filet for babies etc. *Ball so hard!*

In other news: Yesterday, Jay Z released a song for his little girl called "Glory". You can see how proud he is of finally being a father as he demonstrates his undeniable love for his newborn. Hov also sings about how this child was conceived in Paris and how Beyoncé previously had a miscarriage :( Oh yeah, and the song actually features Blue Ivy singing/crying in it which makes me wonder how much SHE got paid to be featured 

It's a beautiful song....all fathers should feel this way about their daughters, ESPECIALLY when it comes to protecting them #Period.

Listen below!

I'm so happy for them! A child is a blessing and I wish all of them the very best.

How do you guys feel about the name? And how about for the song? 

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