March 26, 2012

New night for foodies at my favorite bar in Montreal: I'll House You

The bar

L'Ecurie Bar et Table, a resto-bar located in the heart of Montreal's trendy Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood, has continued to increase in popularity since its opening in the summer of 2011. Since then, it has been talked about in newspapers including Montreal's Journal MĂ©tro and in other popular media. It is my favorite bar in the city because of a few things: Great music (the popular, the hip hop, the old school...just how I like it), good vibe, trendy decor, friendly bartenders and even better.....GOOD FOOD! This shouldn't really be a surprise since one of its co-owners, my good friend and Facebook/local celebrity Jeremie Anfossi Trepanier, is one of the biggest food lovers I know. When I think of him, I automatically think of all of his gastronomical pictures and restaurant "Check In's" on Facebook! Great food and drinks such as the house favorite, the Nouski (a combination of vodka and Orangina) are a great combination to an entertaining night!

The event

Buddha and his sausages
On top of "Les Mardis Pouliches" which is French for "Tuesday's Chicks Night", L'Ecurie Bar et Table added another fun night for my family of foodies: "I'll House You" Wednesdays in collaboration with Felipe St-Laurent and his homemade crafted delicatessen and high end processed meat catering company "Ils en fument du bon" (Google translate that. You will smile :P). Felipe is an unforgettable character: His sparkling and hyperactive personality add an interesting twist to his cooking talents. With all of his experience in the gastronomical and catering industries, he decided to launch his own delicastessen company 6 months ago. Now, on Wednesdays, the customers at L'Ecurie will be able to taste his products & eat some good food, all of that while jamming to some soulful, funky-fresh hip house music. I went to the premiere last Wednesday and had a blast! I felt bad for my friend that is currently in lent  until Easter(good intentions though) because she could not taste the yummy yummy homemade sausages. Oh well. More for me!...muhahahaha Some sausages had cheese in them, some of them were made with Guiness beer and stuffed with mint (yum!) but my favorites were definitely the ones with the black garlic or as Felipe described it best:
"L'ail des PIMP" (Pimp's garlic)! Either made with pork or lamb, they were all pleasantly appetizing and well-seasoned. I just wish he wasn't going around making everyone taste them (my greedy self). I needed him to simply leave the plate on our tables and go serve another plate to the other people. I know...I know....
The man behind the creations: Felipe St-Laurent


The menu on that night

Salmon tartar :)
If you love meat and good food, I strongly suggest you attend this weekly event. L'Ecurie also created a 2-for-1 menu especially for this night: I had the salmon tartar and the pork croquettes which were both deliciously flavorful. The only thing I would suggest in order to add value to this interesting night would be a drinks special. Since some of the sausages are made with beer, why not have a beer-sausage combination? People go there mainly to drink so it would be a good thing. Nonentheless, this event is a creative one with free entrance. Check it out!

"I'll House You" Wednesdays, starting at 8:00 p.m.
L'Ecurie Bar et Table
451 Rachel Est
Montreal (Quebec)
H2J 2H2
Metro: Mont-Royal

Click here for the bar's website

While writing this article and cooking at the same time, I danced around my kitchen listening to the amazing podcast for the event. Ohhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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