March 14, 2012

Shopping is now available on Versass!

I'm obsessed with food and fashion, which is why I started this blog. Furthermore, it was only a matter of time before I would have a shopping section!

******drum rolls****** is now official!!!

You can access it directly by typing it in your address bar or simply by clicking the "Store" tab on top of this page for the link.

Okay, I know. Another shopping website right? See, I'm not trying to make you bankrupt! Here are a few of the advantages you get by shopping on our site:

-FREE SHIPPING in Canada and the U.S. (for a limited time only), no minimal amount required.
-FLAT RATE of 15$ CDN for international shipping
-Personal delivery in downtown Montreal is available.
-Although I have a wide range of products, I only put the best of the best aka my favorite items (that me, my mom or sister actually own) on the shopping website.
-You can contact me by email at ANY TIME for questions or concerns about the products. No business hours. I usually reply within 2-3 hours max, unless I am sleeping (which you understand, right?)
-The payments are easy with PayPal. Click here to create a free account using your credit card or bank account. Also, I take cash payments through personal deliveries.

Currently, there are beauty products (makeup, skin care etc.), clothing items, home items and art. Soon there will be:

-Even MORE beauty items: Lots of makeup, creams, brushes, hair products (including hair extensions) etc.
-MY OWN BRAND OF NATURAL SHEA BUTTER, straight from Africa. I will leave you guys in suspense for the name. Hehehehehe.
-More home & kitchen stuff. The secret is out now, you all know I love food but I'm pretty sure you didn't know about my love for home deco.
-Imported art: Paintings and sculptures.

When it comes to the Avon and Mark products on the website, I only put my favorite items. Click on the image below or email be to have access to the full e-catalogue.

Happy shopping!

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