March 10, 2012

What's up with me + Top 10 on my playlist right now: March 2012 edition

I'm back! Here's what I've been up to and below, my top 10 musical playlist of the moment.

-I think this is the nicest, warmest winter we've ever had in Montreal and I hope that I won't jinx it by saying that. Our winters usually have this apocalyptic and traumatizing feel to them, so it's nice to be able to wear suede boots. 

-I don't wear my clip-in hair extensions anymore! Giving my hair a break and leaving it natural, in my signature high bun 90% of the time. Meh. 


-I can't wait to go to Washington D.C. next week. Should be fun! Can't wait to try the seafood.

-Actions speak MUCH louder than words. Talk is cheaper than a bad lace front wig. 

-Didn't blog for over a month, but this doesn't mean I stopped cooking okay??

Making some vols-au-vent at the chalet
-Being 25 years old is not much different than when I was 24. Surprisingly.

-Since I've been using AVON products for the longest time (mostly because my mom is like, their biggest customer), I thought to myself: Why not sell it??? The products are very good and not expensive! So as of next week, you can contact me for orders! I will have my own page and will share the link here once I have it. In the meanwhile, check out their makeup/beauty products HERE.

-Wasn't in the best mood recently, but I'm feeling much better now and remaining positive. I have a feeling this year will be very good in terms of career and positive changes. My fortune said so too! HA!

-It is undeniable that I need to improve my baking skills. I need to get all the necessary tools to make the perfect cupcakes A.S.A.P! Putting the icing in a ziploc bag and attempting decorating cupcakes was a definite fail. Hey! At least
I tried. 

-I am now taking a Zumba class at the gym every Friday and let me tell you: I LOVE IT!!! I've danced ballet jazz, hip hop and more for a long time and I haven't danced in a few years so I'm happy to be back on track! Zumba is a mix of all of my favorite kind of dances (Latin, African, Baladi and more) in a fun and effective workout. I sweat A LOT but I have a blast every time! Lots of booty shaking. Awesome. 

-Nothing is better than a goddamn HONEST compliment. 

-I am currently reading two books that are literally changing my life: "48 laws of power" and "He's just not that into you". I recommend them!!

Kisha forced me to take a break from reading
-Oh and speaking of books, now I only go to Indigo or Chapters when I am bored and I barely buy books there anymore. I am now addicted to buying used books on Amazon. Some of the books I've bought were as low as 0,01$ (I swear) + the shipping and handling is under 10$. Totally worth it, and the books are of good quality. Who cares if they are used?

-Please!! I ask you one thing!! If you see me in the street or at an event, don't be shy: Come say hi! Please!! I really love to meet my readers or Twitter followers (if you're not following me on Twitter click HERE to do it NOW!). Don't mind the appearances, I AM approachable and I will give you two kisses and a hug.  

-Sitting down at home in the morning and eating breakfast changes my day completely. Very positive.

-Trying to stop going on Facebook for lent lasted less than 48h. Well.....yeah. Lol.

-I really, really really really love my I-Phone 4S. And I will be super frustrated when a better I-phone comes out. My favorite apps are: Flipboard, Twitter (duh), Instagram, all of the Angry Birds and Temple Run. I have to admit one thing: I do miss BBM.

-These videos are WAY too funny: Shit Black Girls Say (ouuuhhh Basketball, Shit Spanish Girls Say, and Shit Jamaicans Say

-I would really like to go on vacation in St-Barths. 

-A Macbook is highly needed in my life. 

-Get used to me not smiling with my mouth open: I will be wearing braces very soon. At first I was like FML, but now I realize that in two years, I will have beautiful teeth #Sacrifices. It's super expensive though. Whoa.

-Spending 100$ on a necklace is really not in my habits, especially because I don't wear other necklaces than my usual gold cross. I don't regret buying this BCBG beauty though! So nice, it was love at first sight.

-Once I get my own place, I'd love to have a little dog in addition to my cat Lola Lolita. Preferably a pug or a Yorkshire :)

Moving on...

Here is the top 10 on my playlist right now

1. Miguel: Adorn. I am OBSESSED. It is already in my top 25 most played! And since the song is only like 2 minutes long, I have no choice to put it on repeat you know?

2. Rick Ross ft Meek Mill & Wale: Bag of Money
3. Lil Flip: Sunshine (comeback)
4. Robin Thicke: I Don't Know How it Feels to Be U
5. Young Jeezy ft Ne-Yo: Leave you alone
6. Carimi: Apiyé (kompa!)
7. Gregory Isaacs: If I Don't Have You
8. Drake ft Rihanna: Take Care
9. Drake ft Lil Wayne: The Motto
10. Popcaan: Only Man She Want

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