April 9, 2012

5 question Blitz with fashionista Lucille K.

I love love love meeting interesting people with a strong sense of fashion! 

For about 6 months, I was part of the Miss Afrique Montreal committee and got the privilege of helping with the auditions. I'll always remember my reaction when Lucille K walked in the room: This tiny and somewhat shy but goofy girl had style! Her uniqueness is so captivating I had no choice but to feature her on the blog! 

Alter Ego photo shoot for Miss Afrique Montréal 2012//Photo by Doro Saiz

By the way, Lucille is extremely down to earth and you will get to know to know a little bit of her with the following 5 question blitz but before, here are a few facts about this girl:

-She proudly represented her country of Burundi at the Miss Afrique Montreal 2012 pageant 2 months ago: She was the 2nd runner up! Her reaction was priceless, you guys should've been seen it! I thought she was going to faint of happiness.
-Lucille lives in Ottawa, not in Montreal.
-I said it before but she is TINY! Hehehe.
-Her love for BOW TIES adds some punch to her unique style. Matter of fact, her name on Twitter is @BowTied. Follow her!

5 Questions Blitz

1. I love your style! It is bold and creative! What are your favorite spots: Do you like vintage? 

Thank you so much! Of course, I like vintage but my selections are restricted and very basic! I'm not VERY into vintage, but some jewelry and simple pieces of clothing (like denim), those I love! I also shop in the least expensive and most random stores. Mix & match type of thing, while saving lots of money!

2. When and how did your love for bow ties start?

Hmm., I don't remember when I fell for bow ties but I can tell you that I fell hard in love with them! They definitely compliment an outfit & aren't expensive!! Ladies, bowties are NOT just for men! My first bowtie was a black one and I thought it was too plain so I'm going towards more colorful ones now to add a lil'sumtin some to my classy or everyday wear. I also like to change things up and wear a scarf as a bowtie or a normal tie!

3. In terms of fashion icons, who inspires you the most and why? 

I'm not really inspired by celebrities. Why? Simply because
I'd rather look up to ''normal'' people who dress themselves and have unique styles, without spending millions(like YOU Sarah!). I also really look up to certain street styles (mostly in New York & Montreal) because it's real & the most creative. But, my very own fashion icon would be my beloved Kim Ninkuru AKA Fakion Ishon because he's simply different inside & out and ALWAYS taught me to do what I felt was right, regardless of what people might think! Check him out (www.fakionishon.com)

Whoa for color blocking! Lovin' it!
The bow tie with a scarf! 
4. What was your biggest fashion faux pas? (Btw, mine was putting rollers in my hair, then putting a bunch of those butterfly clips in them...omg)

Hahaha @your butterfly clips, talk about a real faux pas! That's actually a tough question for me because.. as ''creative''as I might look, I always feel like they're something wrong about my outfit. But my fashion faux pas would definetely be...LIPSTICK! A month ago, I wore nude lipstick & my friends told me that I looked SICK! Red ones make me look like a clown, due to my voluptuous lips. Lipstick is not for everybody... seems like I haven't gotten the memo tho.

The purse! The shoes! The bow tie!

5. Okay so you know this blog is also about food *DEEP BREATH* So....

Sass: What is your favorite expensive restaurant/meal? 
Lucille: I haven't tasted expensive food yet. I was blessed with cheap friends. (LOL)

S: Cheap restaurant/meal? 
L: Does Mc Donald's count? Forever my favourite fast food(Mc Chicken meal with apple juice, always)

S: Favorite restaurant in general and why? 
L: Cora's, without a doubt! It's beautiful. The place, the look of the food, they colors of the uniforms, everything!

S: Favorite food from your country  
L: In burundi, it's called ''Isombe''. Basically, they're tiny cassava leaves that you can eat with rice or ubugari (Fufu). Thank God, we can buy isombe in Canada. 
S: I love fufu, although the name sounds wrong. Fufu....fu..fu...anyways. I need to try this meal! 

S: Your least favorite food? 
L: ANYTHING HEALTHY!!! Since i'm desperate to gain weight. YES, I'm a 20 year old woman who DOES want to gain weight.

S: What is the best thing you know how to cook? 
L: Beside African food, it would definitely be Shepherd's pie!
S: *Starts daydreaming about Shepherd's Pie*
L: p.s : I feel very lucky & honoured to be featured on your blog!! Keep up the great work Sarah, it's maaarvelous but always makes me hungry! xoxo
S: Thanks girl!!! I'm happy you're part of it!

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