May 23, 2012

I heart Brooklyn: 7 things to love about BK

So I just camee back from an AMAZING weekend in New York and spent most of my time in Brooklyn, which is a city I absolutely love. Keep in mind that although I stayed in Park Slope, I ended up visiting other parts of the city. Here are 7 reasons why I fell in love with the "Borough of Churches":

1. The architecture
 The old brownstone and historical buildings add flare to the city. Intersting how most shops and restaurants have indoor brick walls, which is one of my favorite characteristics in interior design. 

2. Vintage/Second hand stores 
They are all over the place! I was looking for an ADS but found many other shops that satisfied my never ending need for vintage possessions. I found 2$ Top Shop wedges (yes I did, yes I did) and fell in love with many vintage home accessories at Housing Works (an organization helping to fight AIDS by the way, check out their website here...very good cause). Also, my sister and I went absolutely crazy when we discovered Beacon's Closet: Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Marc Jacobs shorts and Stuart Weitzman pumps are just a few things out of the many items we found in this cute and clean vintage shop....and....each item was under 30$! Lots of small vintage boutiques offer a wide variety of decorations, original jewelry and accessories for a very low price. Worth the walk. 

3. Park Slope
I absolutely love the whole neighborhood. The cute and cozy restaurants, the fact that many restaurants on 5th Ave. serve POUTINE (the Quebecoise in me loved it), their street fair, the multi-cultural environment, the hipsters, the shops, the friendliness of the people, its Green environment, the garage sales, the fact that it is really close to Manhattan (not even a 15 min train ride on the F train), and finally, the incredible amount of available parking spots. These are just a few things within about 100 things I adore about this part of town. 

4. Prospect Park 
HUGE park! I saw families having BBQ's, people jogging, kids playing baseball, youngsters just chillin', and of course, this is where the Great Googa Mooga festival was held. Oh and shout out to that 1$ ice cream they sell on bikes, it is amazing and addictive.

5. Hipster lifestyle
This one is self explanatory. Think of tam tam at Mont Royal in Montreal on Sundays but like, every single day. Yes. 

6. The calm
This city does sleep. In the morning, you're actually awakened by the sound of the birds and not by the sound of honking cabs like in the city. 

7. The flavor 
or the BK flava, as I like to call it
There is something about Brooklyn...this city's got soul! You can feel it everywhere, at any time of the day. Even areas like Flatbush, which can be considered "ghetto" are interesting. I love it, and prefer it over Manhattan :)

Other nominations: The Brooklyn Bridge (That scene in the "Sex and the City" movie where Miranda meets Steve *tears*), Eastern Parkway (labor day weekend!), the Haitian community near Flatbush, how some taxis from Manhattan won't take you to Brooklyn (not the best thing but I actually thought it was quite funny), how beautiful it is to see many interracial couples over there, how clean it is (and when I say clean I mean super clean, like no trash on the sidewalk type of clean), the artists that come from there (Aaliyah, Carmelo Anthony, Woody Allen, Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfeld etc), the artists that live there (Tom Hanks, Julia Stiles and more) among many, many other awesome things. 

See more pics after the break!

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