June 1, 2012

30 Day Blogging challenge. Day 1: 5 ways to win my heart

You guys. I will be blogging everyday during the month of June :) Not only it will be a new hobby (gosh), but you will also get to know me better! I read a few of these in the past month but it was too late for me to start. I'm on it now and I found this particular one quite interesting. 

So here it goes!

DAY 1: Five ways to win your heart

Okay this is a good one! Since you guys already know my opinions on the single life (and I'm still single), here are 5 ways to win my heart when it comes to "LOVE", among other things.

1. Be my friend before my lover

I'm a goof, a dork and I like to chill and play sports. If what we have is just physical, it
may be nice for awhile but it will get boring pretty quickly. I will fall for someone with whom I can be myself with, not only as a lover but as a friend. Taking me out to eat is nice but I have to be able to call you when I am having a rough or a good day and laugh + snort without feeling embarassed.

2. Chivalry

Chivalry is not dead and women are not its murderer. I think that when a man is a gentleman, it is one of the most beautiful things ever. Opening doors, pulling out the chair, walking on the side closer to the street are things that I appreciate greatly. And trust me, I am not ungrateful: I will definitely demonstrate my appreciation. Oh yeah, and whatever happened to sending out flowers? It's also one of my favorite things and one of the most important things about chivalry. I don't care how many girls say flowers are so cliché (which is a blatant lie. Please, we all love getting flowers).

3. Respecting me AND the ones I love

It's nice when a guy likes me, but showing respect is crucial. But another thing is: I am extremely close to my friends (I only have a few) and my family, especially my little sister. If you are super nice to me but don't care about them, ignore them or pay them no respect or considerate attention, it will automatically be a turn off for me. I am not saying a man should exaggerate, but being friendly and a gentlemen to them as well (the women, in this particular case, duh!) is important. Here are a few things I find disrespectful:
-Randomly texting/calling me in the middle of the night. I am not a booty call homie. 
-Texting like a maniac while you are with me without any explanations or apology. Or picking up the phone and engaging yourself in a very deep conversation without giving two s*its if I'm there.
-Inviting me over to "watch a movie" when we have never been on a formal date. Wtf.

I do not have enough time (or battery life on my laptop) to go on with the list of disrespectful things I have heard about or seen guys do. Anyone that is well educated should know this, but I've often been surprised. You respect me, I'll respect you! 

4. Being open minded 

I really love to travel. I love to write (if I could do it full time I would), I like walking around in Brooklyn, I buy stuff at thrift shops, I have hippie friends and have chilled with natives in Thailand and Africa. My obsession with horror, Quentin Tarentino and Woody Allen Movies is unbelievable, I'd rather cook at home than go out to eat out plus... I sometimes like to drink Ensure instead of eating breakfast. Just now, I listened to Joe Dassin then blasted some music by the White Stripes and now I'm about to play some Rick Ross *does the Rick Ross grunt: uhhhhhhh* . Being perfect is overrated.

So if you're ANAL and not open minded, you're gonna think I'm a complete weirdo. Bye.

5. Be yourself and be honest

If you're not, I'm gonna feel and it drives me NUTS!!! I once dated a guy who wouldn't tell me his last name. I mean, he kept joking about his last name and I just felt insulted. Why couldn't he just tell me? Why did I have to find out much later? Oh and if you read this whole blog post and decided to give your personality a makeover, trust me, it's not going to work. I'd rather know what I'm dealing with from the start. People don't change completely: Their personality may alter a little bit, but their core characteristics will remain as their true self  will eventually come out. 

I'll like you so much more if I feel like you are comfortable and are being real. And...well...this goes with the whole "clicking" concept. I like to compare this to a light: Either the switch is on or it's off! I don't "kind of sort of" click with someone. It's either I click with the person or not, it is not something that can be worked on since the whole relationship would be based on an initial lie (no mutual attraction) and never work out. It goes with being honest because if I don't click, it will REALLY show but if you (dude) are lying to yourself, you will ignore all the signs and continue pursuing me in vain. Grrrrrr. 

That is all! Hope you enjoyed it! See you tomorrow :)



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  1. I couldn't agree more with this blog entry. It's crazy how I can relate such a huge part of my life with yours. I will be reading your blog daily... this 30 day challenge is EPIC, i love it <3


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