June 2, 2012

30 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 2


This is a tough one since I feel strongly about a lot of things. However, there is one thing I have discovered the hard way:

Following your passion is the way to happiness. 

For me, it speaks for itself although I keep realizing it during the most random moments (The numbers of Déjà Vus I have are intense). Lord knows I've done a lot of changes in my life when it comes to school and career. From law to finance to marketing to working in retail then telemarketing and now mortgages, I've seen it all. But at the end of the day, I've looked back in at my life and understood that there are three things I absolutely love and that are always a part of my life, no matter how busy I am. 

1. Writing

You must be thinking "Well obviously!!!", but sometimes something is so natural that you don't even realize it is a passion or a talent. When I was a kid, I learned how to read and write at a very young age and I remember just sitting in my room, writing stories. Unlike other kids, I hated drawing and preferred reading and especially writing. This trend followed me throughout my life... And I am not limited to writing stories, I also love writing poetry but it is very personal to me and I rarely share it....I think I shared poems only 3 times in my life: The first time in school during an oral presentation, the second time I recited a poem I wrote on Haitian women as my talent during the Miss Citronnelle Canada pageant and the last time in 2008 on Facebook, when I was going through very rough times. I don't know...I'm shy. Can't share my poetry..yet. Maybe one day I will! 

Check out my book collection and Barbie notebook (where I used to write my stuff).  With my signature high bun :D
8th grade: Won the first prize in my Reading and Writing class at Jean de la Mennais
When it comes to writing in general, I love it with all of my heart. It is the most healing thing for me, it is also
my biggest stress reliever. Sometimes I write things on a piece of paper and throw it away afterwards, simply to get rid of certain emotions. I love writing about real life events and passions (like food, for example), but I also have a thing for writing fictional stories. I have not done it in awhile but it is something I did often while in elementary and high school and got many awards for it. Would I want to become a published author? Yes. Would I want to pursue writing? Definitely, but in my own time since I would like to write about food, relationships and my travels in the near future. Would I want to do this as part of a living? Without any hesitation. 

2. Fashion

Again, this is something you can see on the blog and it is something I have always appreciated. This section wouldn't be complete without me talking about my number one inspiration in the fashion department: My mother. When I was little, she used to dress me up in the latest fashions, take pictures and explain to me why she would coordinate my clothes in such and such ways. When I reached the age where I could get dressed by myself, she would literally inspect me from head to toe before letting me head out of the house to go to school. If things did not coordinate or did not look fashionable together, she would take the time to tell me why it was not that way. Because of her love for clothes and makeup, I started looking at fashion magazines like Elle, Châtelaine and the fashion section of Ebony ever since I was able to read. When it comes to fashion, I am not the type of person to always go with the latest trend or dress in the most fashionable manner (I'm a little bit more simple), but I will appreciate it by doing things such as simply admiring certain bold styles or by helping others (especially men) with their clothing choices. I believe my love for vintage clothing comes from the fact that I prefer older styles, especially from the early 80's and love the fact that many trends come back. 

Matching outfit and hair ribbons, 80's style
I think my biggest fashion icon is my mother since even to this day, she always walks out of the house looking fresh. Other people I admire in the fashion area are: Michelle Obama, Solange, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, Adrienne Bosh and Nicole Ritchie. My favorite designer is Chanel even though I can't afford it yet because of the brand's class and simplicity. And finally, if I could live in one fashion capital of the world, it woiuld be New York. 

I wish my mon still had this outfit. I definitely would've rocked that white shirt!
Leopard dress and red lipstick. Gorgeous!

3. Food & Gastronomy

Okay although I only started cooking about six years ago, my love for gastronomy has been there for awhile. Again, it started at childhood. While all the other kids wanted McDonalds (Why do I suddenly think of Eddie Murphy in Raw going "But...this is not McDonald's...." lol), I always wanted better, like garlic shrimp. And I was a tough judge, too: I was PICKY!!! My love for food is unconditional now. It's not only food, actually, I also love wine, ambiance and everything in relation to gastronomy:  I live to eat, I don't eat to live. Writing about it or attending fashion events which serve delicious food are just some of the few things I do in order to fulfill my gastronomical appreciation. 

Don't touch my cake. Or 5* Barbancourt Rhum, as a matter of fact
And when it comes to cooking, it is my biggest stress reliever and passion after writing. The best moment is actually looking at people while they are enjoying my food! I don't know about you guys but when I cook a lot, I am not that hungry when the food is ready because I've been eating it and tasting it the whole time I was preparing it. One of the things that make me the happiest is to just look at the people's reaction when they're eating one of my mmeals. In other words, I love it when I am able to give them a foodgasm! When people sincerely tell me "Wow that's really good", it is one of the best things that could happen in my life! I put all of my heart into my cooking and others appreciating it is my biggest reward and motivator. Which is one of the reasons I started this blog :)

In conclusion, whatever I do as a career will be in relation with one or more of these three passions. These things make me happy and no matter how hard I work in those areas, it is always with a smile and I do not even see time pass by. I've come to the realization that money is important, but if you do something you don't like because of the it you become extremely miserable. No matter how "respected" your job is, you will never be happy if you want to shoot yourself every day on your way to work because you hate it so much. But when you love what you do, things are more positive and I am a firm believer that eventually, the money will come. 

Follow your dreams :) 

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