September 12, 2012

Sassou's Montreal faves: Food, Markets + Going out

Why hello my loves! It's September already and it's starting to get cold! I don't really mind because I do love my leather jackets and blazers. September is also the month where I notice how many people have decided to come live in our beautiful city, Montreal. 

This article is for the newbies and also for my fellow readers as I have decided to share my all time favorite spots in this multi-cultural city. This first edition will solely be dedicated to Food spots and Bars/clubs & the next editions will include beauty and fashion spots. I was born and raised in Montreal and although I have a love/hate relationship with my city, I still think it is one of the most beautiful in the world mohstly for cultural reasons. Think of this article as my own version of Mirror's "Montreal's Best" (R.I.P., Mirror, I will miss you). If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave a comment! These are my favorite spots and I am sure there are more places for me to discover.


$ Very affordable
$$ Moderately priced
$$$ Expensive, but worth it

C = Classic
N = New
W = Can't go wrong
F = Fun (usually has good music or a DJ)
D = Good for a date


As a self proclaimed foodie, I admit I am the type that would  go out to eat and then might end up at a bar or sometimes, I'll prefer going to a bar that serves food. So this kind of explains why I put these two together in one category. 


I'm a bruch gal. You can catch me almost any Saturday or Sunday at one of these spots.

-L'Avenue, 922 Mont Royal East. 
Metro Mont Royal
$, C, F, W 
I know, I know, the lineup sucks but the vibe is great and the food is good and not too expensive. If you can, go there during the week to avoid waiting too long.
Classic breakfast but with even better potatoes
-Folies, 701 Mont Royal East
Metro Mont Royal
$, C
I usually go there when the lineup at L'Avenue is too intense. Just as good, minus the ambiance. I  suggest their crepes!

-Ben & Florentine, multiple locations
$, C, W
Can't go wrong with them.

-Le Pois Penché, 1230 de Maisonneuve West
Metro Guy ou Peel
$$$, W
Fancy fancy, yummy yummy. They don't
serve bread, they serve baguette. I love their oven baked eggs "cocotte" (smoked lardons, fresh eggs, pleurote mushrooms, green shallots, tomatoes, black truffle oil, parmesan shavings) and their duck confit grilled cheese is exquisite. 

-Cafe Della Posta, 361 Bernard West, Outremont
Metro Parc ou Outremont
$$, W, D
You get there and you are automatically served a basked of "vienoisseries" which consist of different breads and croissants. Before your meal, they treat you with a tasty bread pudding, followed by unlimited juices and coffee. Totally worth it, especially with its European feel.

-Brasserie Les Enfants Terribles, 1257 Bernard West, 
Metro Parc ou Outremont
$$, W, D
Good vibe, good food

-Le Cartet resto boutique, 106 McGill, Old Port of Montreal
Metro Square Victoria
Added on October 25th, 2012
$ to $$ depending on what you take, C, W, F, D
Recently discovered this spot and went 3 weeks in a row, on different days, just to test it out before including it on the blog. Their brunches are awesome and original and their gourmet market presents unique products. Love love love. Try their "Brunch des Cantons" if you are a meat lover like me.  

Relaxed spots/Munchies/Junk Food

-Schwartz, 3895 St-Laurent
Metro Laurier ou Mont Royal. 
$, C, W
No need to explain this one. Two words: Smoked meat

-Il Focolaio, 1223 Rue du Square Phillips, Montreal (in front of The Bay downtown)
Metro McGill
$, C, W
You like wood oven baked pizza but don't want anything too fancy? They have 75 choices!

-Rôtisseries Benny, Multiple locations
$, C
The fries are better than at St-Hubert!
I love Benny with all of its ghetto-ness
-Universel, 2055 rue Peel
Metro Peel
$, W, F
I really, really like their nachos. I mean, drinks, nachos, girl's night, can't go wrong there. Their brunches are not bad, too.
Also good for 5 a 7: They have a special on drinks from 4 to 7 on weekdays! 2 for one baby!
The nachos at Universel 
-I-Burger, 1237 rue Metcalfe
Metro Peel ou Bonaventure
$$, N, D
Yummy burgers, cool menu, not too expensive. Check out my review here.

-Vasco Da Gama, 1472 rue Peel
Metro Peel
$, F, D
Too many people skip this cafe. It is a little gem in Montreal. Perfect to go have coffee and a little snack. Try their croquettes, you won't regret it. 

-Cafe Republique, multiple locations but I go to 1200 rue Peel
Metro Peel
$, F, D
Honestly, I only go there for their garlics snails au gratin (escargots a l'ail gratines). They are my favorite in Montreal! 
Also good for 5 a 7 

-El Rey Del Taco, 232 rue Jean Talon Est
Metro Jean Talon
$, C, W
My favorite Mexican spot in Montreal. Their taco bowl is delish and only 10$! The multicolored tacos they serve when you arrive is their trademark.

-Altaib pizza, mutiple locations around Guy metro
$, C
Only good after the club. It....tastes different. 

-La Banquise, 994 Rachel East
Metro Mont Royal ou Papineau (take the 45 north)
$, C
You cannot go to Montreal and not try poutine. This spot is opened 24h and has a wide variety of poutine. My favorite ones are the "Dan Dan" (bacon, fried onions, pepperoni) and "La Chicks" (fried chicken).

Ohhh yeahhhh!!! Dan Dan! 
-Five Guys Burger, 468 McGill
Metro Square Victoria
$, C
Yummy yummy yuuuuuuummyyyyyyyyyyy burgers! Under 10$

Cochon, mais bon

-Osteria Venti, 372 Saint-Paul West
Italian food, Metro Square Victoria
$$$, C, W, D
I am still not over it. I cannot believe how good the food was! Check out my review on this Italian restaurant here.

-Bevo Bar et Pizza, 410 rue Saint-Vincent
Pizza & Italian food, Metro Champ de Mars
$$, N, F, D
Great discovery! The service was IMPECCABLE and their food was tasty. I suggest you take their nutella pizza for desert: Guaranteed foodgasm. P.S. Their drinks are good, too.
Also good for 5 a 7

The Nutella pizza!!!
-Hambar, 355 rue McGill (inside the St Paul Hotel)
Local gastronomy with French feel, Metro Square Victoria
$$$, C, N, D
Remember Vauvert? Well they replaced it with Hambar. I was a bit skeptical at first but soon fell in love with their homemade hams and terrines. Great spot to go with a group if you want to share the food! Oh and what can I say about their grilled octopus?

Heck yes. Thank you Jeanne for this discovery!
-Da Emma, 777 de la Commune West
Typical Italian food, Metro Square Victoria (a good walk though)
$$$, C, W, D
My favorite Italian restaurant in Montreal. Don't forget to go see Emma, the main cook in the kitchen. 

-Garde Manger, 408 rue St Francois Xavier
Local gastronomy and seafood, Metro Place d'Armes
$$$, F, W, D
This restaurant belongs to the famous Chuck Hughes from the Food Channel's "Chuck's Day off". I love this place for the seafood, the ambiance and the lobster poutine. Very important to RSVP as this popular restaurant has limited space. If they say there is only space at the bar, don't skip the occasion: I believe sitting at the bar is even better. Check out my article about this awesome restaurant.

-L'Atelier, 5308 St-Laurent
Local gastronomy, Metro Laurier
$$, C, D, W
Good spot for a birthday dinner since it is Bring Your Own Wine. Their duck tartare is to-die-for and I am in love with their buffalo ribs. Incontournable! Check out my review here.

-Bungalow, 4165 rue St-Hubert (corner Rachel)
Local gastronomy, Metro Sherbrooke ou Mont Royal
$$, C, F, D
Imagine sitting at a bar, having a drink and watching the chef cook for you. Whether you want filet mignon or a simple beef tartare, they will serve it to you in their own original manner, all of that while talking to you and even sometime, over a shot or two. Ask for Harry ;)

-Gibby's, 298 Place d'YouvilleFrench cuisine, Metro Place d'Armes
$$$, C, W, D
Best filet mignon in Montreal. Fancy & French.

-The Keg, Multiple locations
$$, C, W, D
You cannot go wrong with The Keg. You simply cannot.


-L'Ecurie Bar et Table, 451 Rachel EastMetro Mont Royal
$, N, F, D
My absolute favorite. 
Good vibe, good music! On Tuesdays, ladies drink for free until 11 p.m. when they purchase an apetizer and main course. The drinks are not expensive and the bartenders are all nice. Ask for a Nouski: Orangina mixed with vodka.

-Barraca bar & tapas, 1134 Mont Royal East
Metro Mont Royal
$, D
My favorite place to have a Caïpirinha, a Brazilian cocktail. They also have a tapas menus.
Also good for 5 a 7

-Bily Kun, 354 Mont Royal EastMetro Mont Royal
$, C, F, W
Lots of beer. Cheap. Relax. And when I say cheap, I mean 5$ cheap.

-Confessional, 431 McGillMetro Square Victoria
$$, C
Good for networking. The alcohol is moderately priced. Good music. I'll usually go there before or after enjoying a burger at Five Guys, which is right accross. Lots of cute business men. Hehehe. 
Also good for 5 a 7

-Pullman's Wine Bar, 3424 avenue du Parc
Metro Place des Art
s$$-$$$, C, F
If you like wine, you'll like Pullman's. Nuff' said. Ohhh and they have chic lil' bites, too. 

-Mechant Boeuf, 124 St-Paul WestMetro Place d'Armes
$$, F, D
Since my article, I've been back a couple of times but only for drinks and oysters. Good vibe! 
Also good for 5 a 7

-Wunderbar (inside the W hotel), 901 Square Victoria
Metro Square Victoria
$$, C, W, F, D
My favorite since 2004! Especially on Thursdays when they play old school hip hop and r'n'b. Although the crowd has changed a bit over the years, I still love it. I wish I didn't work on Fridays though ughhhh.

-Buonanotte, 3518 St-Laurent
Metro St-Laurent
$$$, C, F 
Of course I had to mention this supper club since I'm there at least once a month. The food is not bad but I mostly go for the music and the vibe: The music is ALWAYS good. Always. And since they're not the nicest at the door (when I mean not nice, they look at you from head to toe and decide if they let you in or not. If they don't like your face, FORGET IT), I suggest you go there early (around 10-11 p.m.) or even go there for dinner & stay for the club part. And dress your best, they don't play around.

-Piano Rouge, 22 St-Paul East
Metro Champ de Mars
$, N, F, D
Cute, tiny, jazz, live band, good drinks. Awesome. 

-Upstairs Jazz Bar, 1254 MackayMetro Guy Concordia
$$, C, W, D
Best DATE SPOT in my opinion. There is a singer/band every night the lights are dimmed, there's a brick wall, good food and an affordable wine selection. Very romantic.


-Gascogne, multiple locations but I go to the one on 237 Laurier West
$$, C, W
My absolute favorite. I love going there and then talking a walk in beautiful Mile-End/Outremont.

-Au Pain Doré, multiple locations 
$, C
Love their croissants and smoked salmon quiche. Underrated, if you ask me.

-Premiere Moisson, multiple locations
$, C
Mmmm...their terrines. Mmmm...their pates.... Mmmm....their olive bread.

Specialty Markets

-Marche Jean Talon, 7070 Av. Henri JulienMetro Jean Talon
Cheaper fruits and veggies and organic specialty stores. Aliments Merci has a good selection of spices (3 for 5$!!!) and there is an oil-vinegar store when you can buy that champagne vinegar I always talk about! 

-Marche Atwater, 138 AtwaterMetro Lionel GroulxI buy most of my meat there at Adelard Belanger. 

-Aliments Naturels Tau, multiple locations
The biggest organic/natural food selection.

-Marche Méli Melo, 640 Jarry EastMetro Jarry
Carribean/Haitian spices and food! Ha!

Haitian food

Okay guys. I live in Brossard. I know for a fact that there are other places, but these are the two spots I always go to because of their proximity to downtown and the metro.

-Marche Méli Mélo, see address above 2 minutes from Jarry metro. 
They give you A LOT of food! I don't know about you guys but on my end, one plate is enough for two people. Itis alert! You will most likely want to sleep after eating that griot and duri kole. They take Interac!

-Kay Maie, 4742 Cote des Neiges
In Cote des Neiges and not too far from downtown. Take the 165 North from Guy metro or the 165 south from Cote des Neiges metro and get off on Ridgewood. Cash only!

The distance is worth it!

-SAO SAO, 7209 Boul. Tashereau, Brossard (Next to Kim Phat, in front of Portobello)
$, C, W
Yes, it's in Brossard but it's right next to the highway! Great, authentic vietnamese food and sincere, thoughtful and professional service. The prices are very affordable and I even think they should be higher given the good quality of the food they serve. 

-MIKASA, 9835 boul de l'Acadie
$$, D, C, W
I know there is one downtown but I seem to prefer this one. I don't know why. But that's what it is. Very good sushi.

-Cafe Milano, 5196 Jarry Est
$, C, W
The sandwiches are unforgettable. You may go there once and go "oh yeah it's not that bad, it's okay" and then find yourself literally CRAVING IT two days later. Good vibe, relaxed, enjoy a coffee and a sandwich while watching a soccer game with good looking Italians. 

-Jarry Smoked Meat, 6549 Jarry Est
$, C
I will go all the way to St-Leonard just to have their smoked meat poutine which they top with mozzarella. Oh. My. GOD. AND it is opened 24h. You heard that right!

Boucherie Magnan (Butcher's), 7200 Boul. du Quartier, Brossard
Dude. Their cuts are great and what to say about their pot roast! You can buy the meat raw or already prepared.


This post will be updated regularly as I discover new spots! Keep coming back!


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