March 13, 2010

10 Reasons why I work out at the YMCA

People always ask me why the YMCA? Why don't you work out at school for 60 bucks a semester? 
Yes I'm paying about 30$ a month, but here's why I chose this incredible gym downtown.

For more information, click this link to visit the YMCA website. You'll also see if there is a gym in your area instead of downtown!

1. Alllllll the classes are included in the price! Pilates, yoga, power yoga, latin dance, baladi, african dances and more! C'mon don't tell me that's not great.
2. The flexible hours of the classes! Morning, afternoon, there's hours for everyone. Click here for the YMCA downtown schedule 
3. LOCATION! Hello downtown Montreal!
4. There is a huuuge pool. So not only can you swim in it, you can relax in the gigantic jacuzzi after. How bout that huh, Nautilus plus?
5. They have all the machines you can possibly imagine, PLUS there is a track around the gym if you want to run/speedwalk like normal people instead of on a treadmill. 
6. The gymnasium! Wow! There are schedules for badminton, basket-ball and more! cool 
7. The other mini gym on the second floor: Ladies, if you feel intimidated by the muscled men, just go down one floor to the other mini gym to do your weights and other workouts. ahhhhh :)
8. By paying to work out at the YMCA, you are helping the community in many aspects: helping the homeless, education for the newly arrived and more. 
9. The people working there are just so damn NICE. 
10. You are not stuck with any contract, you can cancel any time! Bravo. 

YMCA Centre-ville
1440 rue Stanley
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1P7
(514) 849-8393

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