March 10, 2010

The globe-trotter in me

I have no plans yet this summer (except for summer school FML), but I'd love to go to Paris

I wonder when would be the best time to go, and in which hotel or hostel to stay in. Of course, I'd wanna be in the city, close to everything. But I don't need luxury, since I will be out most of the time. We'll see....I'm starting to look at it.

A trick that I can give you to save money when buying a plane ticket: If you know anyone that is a frequent traveller (my Dad, in my case), you can always ask them to sell you a couple of their miles. In that case, you might end up paying 100$ for a plane ticket that would've cost you way more.
It is obvious that this works when these people really, really like you.... Bref! It's still a great trick. I went to Florida this December and the ticket only ended up costing about 75$ (taxes included), which is really good during high season. 

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  1. paris is also in my list of dream vacation. love your blog by the way.


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