March 4, 2010

Montreal Fashion Week: Day 3

Because of school, I could not attend Day 1 or Day 2 of Fashion Week (FML!)


I attended EACH AND EVERY SHOW of SMM on day 3! AMAZING!!! Some of them were good, some of them "special" and some of them great! Here it is! 


WOW! DEFINITELY THE BEST SHOW OF THE NIGHT! I loved every single thing about it, except for the fact that I would've wanted the show to be longer! Love it love it love it! The tomboy look, the mohawks, the sarouel pants, the grays, the black smoky eye, the leather the sequin, the short short skirts, the 80' inspiration, the bustiers,... everything!!!!

WOW! wow wow wow...WOW! I would wear almost everything of that collection! I also loved the article that was written about the designer in "Journal de Montréal", I will share that soon. She talked about how she wanted to make her clothes trendy, but affordable...Perfect for me! I am looking forward to buying her clothes!

Loving the leather here!

For once I can say i love leggings :)

First thing my friend Clara said was "I can wear that to the club" and she's right!

Annie 50

An opening and closing song from an Alfred Hitchcock movie added the "OOMPH" to the show. It went well with the whole "40's" fashion influence that could often be seen throughout the outfits. I loved the contemporary meets modern styles, the ultra-feminine working girl look, the flowers, the grays, the turquoise, the wool, the black (I love black but I need to stop wearing...note to self), the furs (hopefully they are from the designer...having worked with one I know that sometimes the accessories are not entirely from the specific designer) and of course, the PINK!

It is everyday wear with a twist and I loved it!

Notice the fur..I love it! That's the "oomph" I was talking about!

Gorgeous! I would definitely wear this outfit.

Flowers are back this season! Fiou

Kathrin Leblond

A cute discovery this year, I am not sure it is my style but it was still CUTE CLOTHES. The thing about this particular fashion show that made me go "Wooooooow!" was the magic of the show. It is rare to see models (or were they gymnasts...I don't know!) walk the runway and then do a pirouette at the end! Or a hand-stand, or a little dance...anyways you get the point. Creativity was key to this show, all that topped with an original choreography. Lots of handbags, little dresses, "jeggings" with red sewing (one of my favorites, unfortunately the pic was blurry), flowers, summer dresses that I would actually wear, bikinis with a 50's inspiration, vibrant reds, purples, blues, pinks, lingerie etc..

It was gypsie meets fifties meets indie meets ultra-feminine. HA!

Very nice, check it out. P.S. This gypsie-looking lady walked on the runway about two times. Who is she?

Notice the flowers, notice the hair, notice the red sewing.

50's style bikini, a bit more modern. Notice the flowers...again :P

Now THAT'S a show!


MYCO ANNA was better than last year. But really, really not my cup of tea. Lots of multicolored wool...and velvet. I think those two things kind of turned me off, but on a fashion note, it was VERY original. I still appreciated the return of the high-waist pants (YAY!), the grays and the Yves Saint-Laurent and Jean-Paul Gauthier inspirations for many clothes, especially the vests. The pictures look great though!

Vibrant colors

Velvet :(

My favorite item of the collection: The pants



WOW! Beautiful, gorgeous, sexy menswear. Ooh la la! Sexy adjusted suits, wool coats, checked coats, nice hats, parkas (even leopard! hot!), big geeky glasses, HUGE scarves and more! Although it totally went with the whole rock decor, the smoke made all of my pictures blurry. So I will upload a couple of pictures I found on the Montreal Fashion Week website.

P.S. It was nice to see my favorite male model from Montreal, Felix (from Montage Models), open the show.

Me and my friends on that day

With Cynthia Nelson, amazing networker and inspiration.

With my favorite designer (with whom I worked with at SMM last year) Ralph Leroy

With my friend Clara

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