March 5, 2010

Montreal Fashion Week: Day 4...WOW!

You guys have no idea how happy I am that I went....WOW! So I got there early to help Ralph Leroy backstage.

The thing about being backstage is that it's total CHAOS, everyone is in a rush, some ppl are screaming (I can't find the shoe! where is the other shoe!) but no matter how chaotic it is, the show is always freakin GREAT. That's the only thing ppl in the audience don't see, but that's okay.

Anyways, I didn't see all the fashion shows, not that I couldn't, just that I wouldn't! After the Ralph Leroy show, I was out there doing three very cool things: Socializing, taking pictures and drinking champagne....wooohooooo! I missed Soia&Kyo. It doesn't really bother me, it seems to be almost the same thing each year. Last year they had Eve Salvail though, dammmn!! BREF! I still got a gift bag...a shitty one too (a mouse pad and a bike ring/bell thingy? wtf???). I will do my reviews on the two AMAZING shows from yesterday!


As the show started, I was mesmerized by the opening scene which had Ralph's sumptuous voice in it. The dialogue between him and Haiti was spectacular, and the opening music (a remix of an electro military style song with "what about us" by Michael Jackson) was supreme. A great "mariage" with the whole military theme. Great dedication to my home country...since Ralph dictated his show's dedication to Haiti. Slowly, all models entered dressed as members of a secret clan (Skulls like) dressed with long dark drapes while holding candles. WOW.

Fitted dress shirts, vibrant reds and military style jackets ruled the runway. I was personally amazed by the fitting of the leather jackets, which I also appreciated the colors such as tan and red. The fitted dress pants were original, and their combination with army boots and military style jacket was perfect. You could hear the "ooh's" and "aaah's" when the coats came out: long or short, each one of them had a distinctive personality. Gold buttons, grays, high collards, red or leather pockets, oranges, greens.

A masterpiece! I loved the quasi-absence of BLACK throughout the show, very original and avant-gardiste. Check out the pics!


Okay, so never have I been so amazed at women's clothes in Montreal. He is by far my best discovery at fashion week. I mean, all his clothes are original and wearable. Barila was great, but there is something more feminine about Denis Gagnon's pieces. Although the colors were a bit dark, I still admired his use of gold in many of his clothes. Imagine! Beautiful skinny leather pants with a gold zipper in the back of each leg...this is serious fashion! Dresses and long shirts with open

I'm sorry, I am still speechless about this show. Just look at the pictures and the video and you'll see what I mean. OMFG he did better than Marie Saint-Pierre in my opinion...I never thought I'd say someone did better than her for women's clothing during fashion week. DAMMMMMMNNNNN!!!

Click "READ MORE" for more pics!

the shoes!!!!!! i want them!

WOOOOOOOWW!! Look at that!! Ethiopian inspired?

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