July 22, 2010

Fellas, this one is for you!

Just read this AMAZING article called: "I'm broke, what do I do now?" on http://bitchielife.necolebitchie.com.

All the men out there that are on a budget, I would suggest you read it. Just ignore the first part about first date sex though.... And I quote my favorite part: 

"You won’t find a female baller in the club, you’ll find her at the most expensive restaurant in town with all her friends.  Secret: Women will ball out major on food." 

SO TRUE! Me and my girls do this thing every two weeks, when we get paid:  Every two Fridays, we enjoy a night at one of Montreal's finest restaurants and splurge on apetizers (foie gras, tartare etc.), creative entrees, aged bottles of wine or 10-20 year porto and more. We won't be spending that at the club, trust me! Although we're on a budget, we'd rather spend our money on a gastronomical experience. This week, we will be going to Le Local, in the Old Port...

Guys...Aldo has great shoes, you won't necessarily impress us with your show off brands...

You can read the full article by clicking HERE

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