July 25, 2010

Splurge of the month: "Le Local" restaurant

I'm not even going to explain myself on this one. Everyone deserves a little splurge once in awhile. 

So me and the girls decided to go to a restaurant called Le Local. How do I know about this restaurant? It goes back to the annual book fair (was it in November?), and there, I discovered a SEXY SEXY cook called Louis Francois Marcotte and bought his books (not just because he was hot...really...because the recipes seemed VERY interesting, and not too hard to make). Came to find out he had a restaurant.....read the reviews online (as usual) to find out they were totally mixed...not always a good thing. Asked friends about it, some said it was great, some said it was not bad, too expensive, whatever. So I went for myself to come to this conclusion: SCREW THE BAD REVIEWS! This restaurant was almost a 5 stars for me. Definitely worth the splurge.

Nevermind the fact that my friends arrived a little late. Nice decor, great ambiance, good looking people, good looking wine cellar, good looking menu...good looking food. Oh and very easy to find parking, according to my friend Jessica. How great is it to add that they have one of the best sommeliers in America Elyse Lambert! I saw it on the website but quickly found out she's a genius when it comes to wine. Cathy said she liked some region in the south of France, i said I liked wines from Bordeaux....and the wine waiter brought us this wine called Walden (an delicious wine, 5 years old). Its like she read right through us! We enjoyed every sip. And our friends loved it as well.

And the food...omg...the food....I had  "herbed bread crumbed snail cromesqui" as an apetizer, which is a fancy expression meaning "delightful breaded snails with a tasty sauce underneath". So good. Then had the beef tartare, along with fries and salad. Paradise. As Cathy described: "The beef just MELTS in your mouth. My friend Pairle had the beef flan steak and I guess it was really good because I blinked and it was gone. Didn't taste my other friend's foie gras but I suppose it was great, because it was also gone very quickly.

Anyways, it all cost me 79.01$ (taxes included) for:
-1 mojito (10$....while I was waiting for the girls)
-My part for two bottles of wine (25$...each bottle was 50$ and we took 2...do the math)
-Cromesqui (12$)
-Beef tartar entree (23$)
-SUPERB service by none other than our friendly waiter Mathieu (PRICELESS!!! No for real, left him good tip)

Totally worth the cash. The experience is one of kind; the food, unique. 

Le Local
740 William
Montreal (Quebec)
H3C 1P1
Click HERE for the website.

The owner: Louis-Francois Marcotte

The beef tartar

Foie gras

Photos courtesy of: ME and http://www.resto-lelocal.com/index_en.html

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