August 19, 2010

OSCS: Winners!!

Obsessively Searching for Clothes on Sale 

I have been shopping there for YEARS! I cannot even describe the amount of beautiful things I have found: Stuff for the house, trendy martini shakers, Anne Klein blazer, plates for home, gifts (oh I always find nice gifts there!), headphones, perfume sets, jewelry, underwear (yes, underwear), lots of shoes and the list goes on! 

There are things for MEN, WOMEN, KIDS, the RICH AND THE BROKE ASS!!!

I do not go there often, but when I do, I always manage to find something. I like how the store resembles TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Ross, from the United States. And the thing with there is that everything is low price and brand new! A lot of popular brands, too. But you have to be patient, and search well!

The ones I love going to are:

-The one downtown, Place Montréal Trust
-Place Versailles (there is also a HOME SENSE in it...with lots of nice things for your house/appartment)
-Boulevard Tashereau, next to cinema Guzzo on the South Shore.

A couple of tips when you go there:

-If you find something, buy it!...(if you have the $ of course) And don't misplace it, there is a chance it was the only one in the store, and if you come back as early as later in the day, it might have dissapeared. And you might end up very, very sad. 
-Don't ask for help. They won't help you. As a matter of fact, the people working there are mad at you for creating the mess. 
-Not every Winners is the same. What you find downtown, you might never find on the South Shore and vice versa. Explore!
-Try before you buy, because if it doesn't fit and you want to exchange it for another size, you might go back and see that the whole batch of that item you just bough is LONG GONE. 
-Go to the "Liquidation" section in every section. You might find amazing deals!! In the section for home, i have often found beautiful candles or picture frames: Because of a microscopic scratch, they were reduced as low as 1$.
-They have gourmet foods that are rare to find!!! Coffee, flavored olive oils and more.

My sister came with a full Winners shopping bag the other day. There was a sale! Most of their summer clothes are reduced! NICE!
 P.S. That whole bag of new stuff cost her less than 100 $ :)

Click HERE for their website! You'll be able to find their locations across Canada!

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  1. I should totally connect you with my big sister. She too is a major "shop-a-holic" or should I say fanatic (ha) and is totally in tune with Winners as well as other cost effective shops that can still give you a sense of pride and luxury in Montreal :)


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