August 19, 2010

OSCS: Aldo Entrepôt/Liquidation on Mont-Royal

Obsessively Searching for Clothes on Sale

I discovered this place while going to eat breakfast at L'Avenue on Mont-Royal (amazing restaurant, by the way, I think I go there at least once a week) a couple of years ago. I knew Aldo Entrepôt existed, I've been to the ones on St-Hubert and Ste-Catherine numerous times. But this to cry of joy)....this one is DIFFERENT!!!

I believe that they have deals with other suppliers because they do not just sell Aldo shoes there. They have beautiful Reeboks, Creatives and other stylish brands of shoes. And most of the  things there are reduced to a price that is hard to imagine. For example, the other day I saw leather gloves I liked (I know it's summer....but hey!). I saw that they were 12,95$ and let out a little scream of joy. Got to the cash to discover that there was another 50% off added to them!!! So I paid about 7$ for 100% leather gloves!! 

A couple of days later, I found boots I liked. Again, I know it's summer, but there are better deals on winter stuff during summer. I don't care if the boots are from last year, if they're hot, i'll take em. I am still speechless that they ended up costing me only 15$....HA! I especially like them because of the "hidden" platform heel :)

The flash makes them look white, but the color is beige. 

911 avenue Mont-Royal Est
Get off metro Mont-Royal and turn right on Mont Royal
Click here to find an Aldo liquidation center near you

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