August 6, 2010

Recipe of the week: Easy pasta with shrimp

Easy to make (less than 30 minutes) and YUMMY!

You will need:

-Pasta of your choice, and of course, water
-Medium sized shrimp (please remove the tail...), quantity depending on how much you love
-Garlic (real or powdered, your choice)
-Onions, chopped thinly
-1 spoon of tomato paste
-1 tablespoon of butter
-White wine (optional)
-Spices (to your taste: I used parsley, salt and pepper)

-Boil the water, then add the pasta. When the pasta is ready, drain it.
-In a pan, melt the butter on high. Add the tomato paste, white wine, onions and garlic. Then, add the shrimp. Let everything cook on medium for a bit less than 5 minutes. 
-Add the drained pasta. Mix, serve.


Excuse the bad picture, it was taken from my cell phone. Oops. 

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