August 6, 2010

Vintage/Second hand fashion: ADS

Those who know me well already know that I have the capability to search in stores for hours....sales, Zara, Winners...and.....ADS. What is ADS???...... It's the abbreviation for....Armee du Salut aka the Salvation Army!! Yeah, i said it. 

SURPRISED?? If you knew how much stuff I found there. The same way i'll pay over 150$ for jeans, I'll find something cute there for 2,99. Who would've thought? 

So today, my friend Cathy and I stopped there and found a lot of cute stuff. Did you know that a couple of well known brands DONATE NEW STUFF to them? :) They rip the tag but hello....I know the logo! Anyways, we found a couple of cute things, and on top of that, the shoes were 50% off....I mean, they were already like, 10$ or less so that was a little too good to be true. Usually the shoes suck, but I guess the ADS in Brossard is different, cuz we found nice ones: Nine West, Aldo and more. 

Check out some cool stuff we found!

Cathy's NINE WEST stilettos: 4,50$

My best friend and her super cute little wallet (real leather): 1$ 

Nice ALDO wedges: 4$

Gladiator shoes: 2,50$ (still speechless)  

They also have great second hand books, vinyls, movies, home decoration and more, for a VERY, extremely low price. I suggest that you try going someday, and if you don't want anyone seeing you in there, wear a hat and sunglasses......hehe. Being stylish and fashionable doesn't have a specific price tag.

In the past, we have found things such as:
-An original Marie Saint-Pierre vest
-A GAP jean jacket
-A whooooole bunch of cute little purses and clutches
-Armani Exchange jean shorts.... and more

The ones where I have found the coolest things are:
-In Brossard, next to the Terminus Panama 
-The one on Notre Dame, corner Guy in Montreal

This is dedicated to my ADS partners in crime: Jeanne Michaud-Hedge and Cathy K

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  1. And when you do plan your outing to ADS, make sure you have at lease two hours to do so. You have to take your time, go through the racks and then try on the clothes. Be creative! step outside the box!!

    signed ... Jeanne !!!! xxxxx


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