September 26, 2010

Cinema Cote-des-Neiges: No comments.

Ok so me and my girl wanted to see the movie DEVIL. Since we took our sweet time eating our steaks at Firegrill, we missed the 8:45 movie at Atwater....Damn! Next one was at 10:15 and since we both live far from downtown, we couldn't go that late. But we found a solution: The movie was playing at 9:25 in Cote-des-Neiges! Cool!

Ok so this movie theatre is a HOT GHETTO MESS. In a funny way though. So first of all, it's inside a very special mall called Plaza Cote-des-Neiges. I don't even know how to describe that mall in's the type of mall that reminds me of the ones in Jamaica, Queens, where you can buy textiles for cheap and get a full nail set for 12$. Anyways, so we go to the ticket counter, and the girl tells us we have to buy our tickets We get upstairs to discover that you have to buy your tickets at the POPCORN COUNTER. LOL! We buy the tickets, drinks, popcorn etc... and the dude asks us if we want butter on the popcorn. Of course! So... he then plunges a big spoon in his big plastic bowl of melted butter and pours the content on our popcorn!! FUNNY S***!!!! Could it get any ghettoer? YES!

As we walk through the popcorn and napkins on the floor, we finally find our movie room. Inside, the sound isn't that great but that's okay. So I sit down, and look on my right, then on my left, for the cup holder. Dissapointed, I don't see any, and just as I'm about to put my cup on the floor, my friend shows me the cup holder....between the two benches in front of me! WHAT!!! 

So we watch the movie, and then we want to exit the movie theatre to find that the front doors are locked! Not a good thing after seeing "Devil", where the people are trapped in an elevator (got scared for a moment). Finally we found a door that was unlocked. Fiou! 

ANYWAYS, very ghetto. But the drink and my movie ticket were 11$ together, and my friends movie ticket + popcorn + drink were 13$. So that's good....when you're on a budget. 

Cinema Plaza Cote-des-Neiges
6700 Côte-des-Neiges
Montréal (Quebec) 
H3S 2B2
Click HERE for their movie listing and schedule

P.S. I'm a huuuuge horror movie fan! It all started when I saw Chucky as a kid. So here's the trailer for "DEVIL"....which was really, really, really really scary.


  1. Lol...I always bought my tickets downstairs...that chick at the counter must have been on crack ! But yes it is a ghetto place !

  2. hahaha so funny sarah i went there once and it was kind of special; the good is it's that far from my house


  3. Sarah you're to hilarious! I died at "it's the type of mall that reminds me of the ones in Jamaica, Queens, where you can buy textiles for cheap and get a full nail set for 12$. Anyways..."


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