September 1, 2010

Splurge of the month: Yves St-laurent "Touche d'Éclat" and Biotherm "Aquasource: Eye Perfection"

Ok I won't lie. I love makeup. Not the cake-princess-fake-drips-if-you-sweat-or-if-it-rains type of makeup. I like the things that are cute and look very natural. I'm rarely doing the smokey favorite routine remains: mascara, blush, powder and the occasional black eyeliner. 

However...lately....I have had a problem (TUM TUM TUUUUUUUUMMMM)..........BAGS UNDER MY EYES!!! *loud screaming girl*

I didn't know what to do! I would wake up and not only my face was all puffy, but I've had bags under my eyes :( Back in the days, I could have 3 hours of sleep and not look that sad! So I tried everything...the cucumbers, the cold spoon.....even my favorite brand, MAC, could not help me with makeup for bags under my eyes. Their "under-eye concealer" only made my bags look MORE APPARENT *horror movie music*. 

So after months of trying to find the right products for under the eyes, I finally found a combination that works!! Thanks to the girl at Pharmaprix and a girl at my job, now I look less tired without a pile of makeup!!

So I tried Biotherm Aquasource Eye Perfection. I LOVE IT!!! Clinique has a similar one, and I was looking for it at Pharmaprix when the lady suggested the one from Biotherm instead. This massager for under the eyes (and on top of the eyes, if you want) feels great and makes your FACE look great!! Let me just write the description and you'll feel what I feel..... "Hydra-massager: Brigh, wide-eyed look, anti dehydration lines/dark circles (me)/bags". So basically, you just massage the roller under and on top of your eyes, the liquid is transparent, with a bit of glitters, and dries fast. You put it in the morning and at night before sleeping. I've been using it for two weeks and I already notice the difference! 39$ (ouch!) but definitely worth the splurge. Plus I got a free product from Biotherm (limited Pharmaprix offer...yay!), and I got the Aquasource face cream, worth 44$

I once read this very interesting book called How To Walk in High Heels by Camilla Morton (amazing book, btw) and she gave tricks on how to look fabulous in 5 minutes in the morning (good tricks, trust me). The tricks included putting perfumes, a nice accessory...and....Touche d'Éclat, by YSL . I always wondered how come every magazine puts it in the top makeup items... Unfortunately for me, when I went to Holt Renfrew (yeah, I went there), they didn't have my color....neither did all the other places in Montreal (P.S. I will not start to rant about the poor quality of makeup for women of colour in Montreal...thank God for MAC). So when I went to NYC last week, I went to Sephora and found it! It's amazing!! This product miraculously brightens your face and hides the dark circles! And it blends in your skin so perfectly that you don't even need any concealer/powder! One of the best products I've ever bought so far, although the price tag made me gag a little (40$ U.S.). 

I definitely recommend those two products. They may be expensive but their quality is worth the splurge!! Bye bye dark circles! Ciao tired face!!!!

Biotherm Aquarsource Eye-Perfection can be found at a Pharmaprix near you (and other places selling Biotherm) and Yves Saint-Laurent's Touche d'Éclat can be found on the Sephora Canada, or in Montreal, wherever they sell YSL makeup pruducts.

P.S. For my American or Canadian readers outside of Quebec, Pharmaprix=Shopper's Drug Mart :)

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