September 1, 2010

Why you should splurge SOMETIMES

Because buying a cheap white t-shirt for 9,99$ ten times because it messes up everytime you wash it=100$, while buying a good quality white tee at Esprit or American Apparel is about 50$, and the chances of messing up/shrinking/turning grayish or yellow are way smaller.

Be on a budget, but some items require a higher investment. Like a white tee, or some makeup, or that chic little black dress you can accessorize a thousand ways. Even the good quality stuff is on sale sometimes!! Trust me!


  1. I try and tell this to people when they ask me why I shop at Ralph Lauren instead of Target, lol. However, I will say that American Apparel pushes up their price when their product isn't that durable. I have some pastel colored shirts from there that just look dull now. But anyway, I support this post.

  2. Thanks :) Not everything at AA is good, but their leggings, for example, are worth the 45$. I've had them for a year and they're intact! But my Forever 21 leggings I bought for 5$ could be used as a headband after the 2nd time I washed them.

  3. Tu as raison!! J'ai déjà fait ce calcul et splurge est parfois mieux que de stick to a budget! Je considère que splurge pour des éléments importants permettent de plus facilement respecter un budget, au lieu de le screw dans yet another cheap white tee!


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