October 7, 2010

Amber Rose in Montreal

Amber Rose was in Montreal last Friday! For those who don't know who she is, Ms Rose is a model/socialite who once had a very interesting and public relationship with Kanye West. She is known for her shaved blond hair, pink lipstick (sometimes even blue!) and unique sense of style.

She was hosting the launch of BODB Model Managment at KOKO, which is a cozy restaurant/bar/lounge located in the Opus Hotel and I had the privilege to hang out with her and her team during that event. If you look on the right of my blog, you will see that she was included in the pictures of people whose style I admire, and believe me, she looked fierce! Amber was wearing a fitted semi-transparent dress which was black and grey with mini stars all over....I'm still searching for the designer, by the way. Her sunglasses were vintage Valentiono from 1990, courtesy of the Vintage Frames Company and, of course, she had her signature pink lipstick! Simple but chic jewelry completed her outfit, which I found nice since I am REALLY not a fan of huge jewelry or bling or whatever the rappers call it. 

She's hot! I was surprised that her fan base mostly consisted of girls and that not that many guys stood in the line to take a picture with her. In my opinion, they were probably shy....or intimidated....which is too bad for them because she's very, very nice and down to earth...unlike other American models I've met (#BlackberryZipperface). Check her out!

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