October 8, 2010

Behind the scenes of Ralph Leroy: Element Water

The Ralph Leroy fashion show for the 19th edition of Montreal Fashion Week was a lot of work!! I truly believe that great efforts lead to great things and that was definitely what happened for ELEMENT WATER! It was weeks, if not months of preparation: From the casting to the practices, from the clothing confection to the selection of accessories and more. But at the end...all the work projected itself into this magical fashion show. (picture above and below by Vincent Chine)

Backstage, it was a lot of work: steaming the clothes, making the models try the clothes and accessories, preparing the lineup and more...In other words, the team worked hard to make sure RALPH LEROY: ELEMENT WATER would be a success! Was it stressful? Yeah a little. Was it organized? Oooh yes. Fun? VERY! Although it was a lot of running around, I loved it...I could do it everyday...and working with Ralph Leroy, Vincent Chine and Cynthia Laurent backstage was such a pleasure...the chemistry was great which made everything easier and fluid. And working with models who love what they do is great because no matter how much fun they're having or no matter how goofy they can be, they understand the industry and know when to be serious. It was a pleasure....I did it before, I did it recently, and believe me, I'll do it again and again. Thank you Ralph :)

The day of the show, Melissa Di Rocco  was there to immortalize some "behind the scenes" moments! Thank you for capturing these images! Check it out, and click "Read more" if you want to see the other pictures she took backstage!

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