October 26, 2010

Recipes of the week: Mmm....bacon

Mmmm....bacon.....(Homer Simpson voice)

Ok.... I love bacon!!! It's soooooooooo good and salty and yummy! So I decided to show you guys two recipes I recently made that included this super fat tasty meat! Enjoy in moderation. The first one is a bacon omelet and the second one is white wine risotto with bacon. Ouh la la!

That omelet you make for someone special

You will need:
-Two large eggs
-About 4-5 strips bacon, chopped in small pieces
-Half of a large onion, thinly sliced
-Half of a sweet pepper (I used the yellow one), chopped
-Spices (to your taste)
-One tablespoon butter, one tablespoon of olive oil

-In a large pan, fry the bacon, when you see that they are starting to brown, add the onions and pepper. Mix everything well and when you see that the onions are soft and the bacon has browned to that perfect point, put everything in a bowl on the side (note: that smell will drive u NUTS!! You might even want to eat it all without the eggs. Beware!)
-In a bowl, crack the two eggs, add some spices and about 2 tbsp of water. Mix VERY WELL.
-In a large pan, melt the butter and olive oil, add the mixed eggs. Cover it up and when you see that the liquid on top is almost fully cooked, add the bacon/onion/pepper mix on one half of the eggs. Flip the other half on top. TAH DAH!!!

Yummmy yummy risotto with...omg....BACON!

You will need:
-One cup of arborio rice
-1 bottle of white wine (you won't use all of it, but you can drink the rest...Ha!)
-1 tbsp of butter
-2 cups of chicken broth
-Spices of your choice
-The other half of the onion (see previous recipe), chopped
-The other half of the sweet pepper, chopped
-5-6 bacon strips, chopped.
-Olive oil for cooking

-In a deep pan, heat up some olive oil (put the heat between medium and maximum) and add the bacon. Cook until it starts to brown a little, then add the onion and the pepper. When the onions are soft, add the arborio rice and mix it well with the other ingredients (this adds the OOMPH in risotto....it absorbs all the yummy flavors).
-Add one cup of wine. Stir. When it is almost evaporated, add one cup of chicken broth. Evaporates, then one cup of wine again....keep doing this until the rice is cooked and a little bit creamy. mmm...
-When it is almost ready (you can taste, don't be shy), add one tablespoon of butter, pepper and some fresh herbs. Mix it all up again and serve hot!

P.S. I served the risotto with chicken vols-aux-vents. Ralph Leroy gave me the recipe and we actually have a video of when he showed me how to make it...stay tuned!!!

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