November 1, 2010

I had a GAGA Halloween!!

Halloween weekend just passed and for the past weeks, I kept wondering: What will I be this year? 

I didn't wanna be a nurse, cop, school girl etc. Been there done that, plus EVERYONE did it at least once in their life, and I was sure to see like a hundred people in these costumes. This year I wanted to be original and to respect my budget! I REALLY did not want to spend over 50$ for Halloween, no joke. 

And guess what I decided to be?? YES! LADY freakin GAGA!!! I love her! I remember watching the "Love Game" video back in the days and thinking: "Is she CRAZY? I LOVE HER!!!!" Okay so remember the scene where she is in the subway train wearing a black leather jacket, studded bikini bottoms and ripped bottom nets? YEP!!

And it all cost me under 50$!! Well thank god I already had the jacket, one piece and bottom nets. Check it out! I didn't wanna be mistaken for NICKI MINAJ and was very happy when people recognized my costume!

-Wig: 14,99$ (costume shop)
-Shades: Thank you, little sister. She got them at Bang On 
-Jacket: NYC, Conway
-One piece: American Apparel
-Bottom nets: Le Chateau
-Lace gloves: 9,99$ (costume shop)
-Necklace: Thank you, Clara
-Red lipstick and lip gloss: MAC
-Earrings: Salvation Army (aka....ADS)

The video!! The inspiration came at 1:43 :D

Until next year! Did you guys enjoy your Halloween party?

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