November 7, 2010

"For the world you walk on, love what you wear." My first experience with Cougar boots

It's that time of the year again! Gotta look for some good winter boots, right? Well I have something good for you guys. Don't forget to click HERE after reading the article to participate in the related contest!

I usually go with UGGS each winter because although they are not too pretty, they are warm, which is the most important factor for me. This year though, I want to be warm AND stylish. No more walking around downtown with clones all around me (Those who go to Concordia know what I'm talking about! You look right and left and all you see is Canada Goose, UGGs, Canada Goose, UGGs)!! I was pleased to get to try two pairs of boots from the Canadian brand COUGAR: Their winter boots and their rain boots. I had heard about them in the past and really did not know what to expect, especially since what I had seen in the past seemed warm but once again, lacking of style. All the questions I was asking myself such as how much do they cost, are they cute etc? were answered after my trial!

Their winter boots are warm, waterproof and seem promising for this Winter.  They are stylish
while remaining simple and casual....which is exactly what I was looking for. The Ringo Star boots, which are the ones I specifically received, are like a more fashionable version of the boots I had when I was a kid. The same way that I can wear them with leggings and my coat to go walk around downtown, I can wear them to go sliding on the Mont-Royal or at Bromont! Versatile is the right word to describe em'! Like I said before, it's not often that you find boots that are super warm, cute AND not too expensive, as they  are approximately 200$ CDN/180$ USD which for me is a great price for boots you will wear very, very often.

Now let's talk about their rain boots. Okay, I am in my twenties, but when i see a bit puddle of water I still get the sudden urge to jump in it #DontJudgeMe (hehe). My past experiences with rain boots were quasi-traumatic, as my feet would get soaked when i would satisfy that urge. HOWEVER, the ones from Cougar were completely water resistant!! I remember my friend telling me "Yeah they're cute but didn't water enter in them" and I was happy to reply: "NOOOOOOOOOOPE!" with a big smile on my face. The black Regal boots are cute AND useful on rainy days (yes, I did get to jump in a big puddle of water!)...although I have to admit I have also worn them even on sunny days, just for the style. By the way, the other day I noticed that ALDO has almost the same exact version of them but really, really not with the same good quality as the Cougar ones (I have touched them and tried them, just to see). And for 85$ CDN/80 $ USD, they are worth the purchase. P.S. As I was browsing throught their website, I also noticed how fly the Rider boots were...I might even consider them for this upcoming Spring!

So how was my first experience with Cougar shoes? Pretty satisfying! I have to admit that I did not really know what to expect and I really hope that more people know about them in the near future...especially those who love fashion but are on a budget, just like me! On top of all that, they stand out (especially the winter boots) I definitely recommend them!

You can shop online, do a store search (only for Canada and the U.S.) or go to these boutiques in Montreal to find them:
-Globo (Eaton Centre, Place Versailles, Marché Central and more)
-The Bay (585 Ste-Catherine West, McGill metro station or the one on Pie IX and Jean Talon, in "The Boulevard Mall)
-Scarpa (4257 St-Denis)
-Mochico (1136 Mont Royal Est)
-And more!!!

Click HERE for their website. They also have boots for men and for kids!

And don't forget to click HERE for the cool giveaway! Surprises surprises!

P.S. I would like to thank Matchstick for this opportunity :)

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